April 2017 – Chapter Break BINGO

April 2017 BINGO

Hosted by the gals at Chapter Break. For the list of rules, visit the main page.

Fantasy/Scifi – The Time Machine

Library/Librarian – 

Fae/Faery/Fairy Tale – 

Orphan – The Bad Luck Bride

In a Series – Last Night with the Duke

One-Word Title – 

Shelf Love Book – The Time Machine 

Antiques – 

Dreams –

Mystery – The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

Tattoo/Piercing – 

Spring Cleaning – The Time Machine


Embarrassment – Last Night with the Duke

Introvert – 

Made You Laugh – Last Night with the Duke

Phone/Phone Call – Close to Home

Library Book – 

Audiobook – The Time Machine 

Easter Egg – 

Free Book – The Time Machine 

Stormy Weather – The Bad Luck Bride

Lost City – The Time Machine 

Conspiracy – Last Night with the Duke

New Release – Last Night with the Duke