Acceptable & Unacceptable Genres

Please read my policies regarding what is acceptable and not acceptable to submit to me for review.

If your book does not fall into the acceptable genres, do not send it.

If you are unsure if I will accept your book for review based on the Acceptable and Unacceptable Genres below, please state that at the beginning of your email.

Acceptable Genres:

  • historical fiction/romance
  • romance
  • contemporary and new adult
  • chick lit/women’s fiction
  • crime/mystery/thriller/suspense
  • humor
  • steampunk/dieselpunk
  • young adult (YA)
  • middle grades (MG)
  • children’s literature
  • sci-fi/fantasty/paranormal*

*These categories contain a wide variety of elements. There may be some books I turn down due to lack of interest.

Unacceptable Genres:

  • Religion
  • Zombie/Vampire
  • Horror
  • Erotica
  • anything with extreme violence

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