About My Reviews

All the reviews posted on this site are honest, truthful and written free of charge because I love books.

No one can pay for a favorable review, or ask that language or content be changed.

If you are an author who feels compelled to notify me of your critiques of my review of your book, you will blacklisted from my blog. I may also feel compelled myself to call you out publicly on the blog.

If I have made an error, such as the publication date or publisher, please contact me with the correct information. I do not mind making corrections in this regard.

Most books reviewed have been submitted for free by the author, publisher or agent in return for a review. There are also books I have reviewed from my personal reads.

I primarily read on my Kindle (.mobi files). I also will accept physical copies. However, I will not read an ebook or real book with unusual text font. 

About My Reviews

Reviews Include:

  • title, author, publisher & year, applicable genres, pages, series info
  • a synopsis from Amazon or Goodreads with cover image
  • links to the book on on Goodreads, Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble
  • short biography about the author with author photo
  • social media links for the author (website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads)
  • my content – review, spotlight, highlight, excerpt, etc.
  • additional photos related to the content of the book or post (if  applicable)

Posting Standards:

  • all reviews are posted here on the blog
  • all reviews are also cross-posted to Goodreads*
  • all reviews are also cross-posted to Amazon*
  • reviews that are applicable are cross-posted to NetGalley
*Typically, cross-posting to these sites lags behind the original post date on the blog.


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