About My Reviews

All the reviews posted on this site are honest, truthful and written free of charge because I love books.

Most books reviewed have been submitted for free by the author, publisher or agent in return for a review. There are also books I have reviewed from my personal reads.

I primarily read on my Kindle (.mobi files). However, I will not read a book with unusual font. 

No one can pay for a favorable review or ask that language or content be changed.*

*If I have made an error, such as the publication date or publisher, please contact me with the correct information. I do not mind making corrections in this regard.

About My Reviews

Reviews Include:

  • title, author, publisher & year, applicable genres, pages, series info
  • a synopsis from Goodreads with cover image
  • links to the book on Goodreads, Amazon
  • my content – review, spotlight, highlight, excerpt, etc.

Posting Standards:

  • all reviews are posted here on the blog
  • all reviews are also cross-posted to Goodreads, Amazon
  • reviews that are applicable are cross-posted to NetGalley

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