Thoughts on Thursday: My Shipshape Shelves


My Shipshape Shelves

How do you organize your bookshelves?

Some of us dread this question. I am sometimes one of them. Especially if I have moved within the last year…which has been four times in the last three years. My bookcase is always one of the first things I unpack. Maybe because the boxes are so heavy…

I didn’t have a bookcase a space reserved for books growing up. It wasn’t really until I was halfway through college that I really started my own collection of books and building up my personal library.

My shelves originally started out as stacks of books on and in my headboard.  As I bought books, I tried grouping them by genre, but sometimes the different sizes of books got in the way of that. And then I just started getting so many books on my TBR that I just started stacking them up next to the lantern.

My first shelf photo.

After I graduated college, I bought a bookcase. True, it’s not the best and one day will fall apart on me  has fallen apart on me, but for now it works. When I first bought it I had it organized the best, and I’m trying to get back to that. Despite the photos I took, I just couldn’t seem to replicate this organizational pattern after I moved…and then moved again 6 months later…and then again 7 months later. Erg.

I think I was avoiding my physical books because they are not organized how I know they were. And also I have so many books I need to review that it’s becoming ridiculous. I have even made a stack of books that need to go away next to my bookcase, and I don’t feel that I’ve gotten that many more books to throw off the balance so much.

So I finally sat down and did some serious book labor.

 ~  BEFORE  ~ 


Top Shelf: anthologies, six copies of my college graduation booklet, some Story Plant books, recently acquired books, bookish things and bookmarks, my sign that needs to go to school and the temporary home to my vase (now permanently homed in my bedroom)

All these books are on my TBR.

First Shelf: DOUBLE STACKED random books

All these books are on my TBR. 

Second Shelf: DOUBLE STACKED on the ends, home to my two favorite series (Bloody Jack and Outlander), my literary YA books, a few random books standing up on my TBR, and on the far right in the back my Kristin Hannah and Elin Hilderbrand books and some historical fiction about Edward Plantagenet and King Richard III

Bottom Shelf: (clockwise from back left) DOUBLE STACKED with the classics, some nonfiction and other oddities, partial Diary of a Wimpy Kid collection, Hunger Games, a few literary fiction and randoms, some romance novels

Most of the classics in that are hidden in the back left I have not read, and some of the ones standing up (like my Outlander Companion and flower book).

On the Right: The small stack of books I have weeded out are off the to side. I read all but one.

~  AFTER  ~ 


Top Shelf: (clockwise from back left) anthologies, all Story Plant Books, books I purchased for my classroom, immediately-next TBRs, YA books, the book of my name

All these books are on my TBR.

First Shelf: (clockwise from back left) romances, literary fiction, historical fiction, light and chicklit type reads…DOUBLE STACKED on the outside

All these books are on my TBR. 

Second Shelf: This shelf didn’t change much. I added a few books in the middle to my literary YA stack and the standing books and removed some from the back right stack. 

Bottom Shelf: This shelf also didn’t change much. It only received my hardback copy of Huck Finn and a few to add to my randoms pile on the front right. 

On the Right: I added more to my go-away pile!! 


Here they are side by side to compare: 

20150714_175702   20150714_185654 It looks better right? Not as scary? 


Alright, Mr. Demille, I’m ready for my close-up. 

(Fun Fact: I always thought it was Mr. De Vil…like Cruella De Vil…until I looked it up!)




Umm…where did all of those Nicholas Sparks books come from???






Do you keep your bookshelves organized? 

What is your shelving method?

Do you have a shelf for your favorites?

Do your finished books and TBR books stay separated?

July Monthly Chit Chat

July News

My family kicked off July with a new baby and my brother came home from Hawaii for two weeks! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to keep the baby – my aunt was a surrogate carrier for a friend who could not carry to term.

I received news back from my June surgery – everything was benign!

I also took the plunge and became a Pink Drink-er! I have started drinking Plexus Slim to help regulate my blood sugar and to lose weight! If you would like to check out the products, have heard of Plexus, or you’re interested, I can help you out! I am excited to start a new journey to a new me and share my own success story.


Most Popular Posts

Other Posts of Note

Tours & Blasts

Reading Challenges

First, I’m actually sad that there is no summer BINGO series. I was checking back every day at Great Imaginations to look for the new BINGO card and get cranking on it. 😦 BUT! I discovered there is something similar – maybe better – that they have started instead called Story Sprites.

Goodreads Goal Met. It’s the end of July and I have read a total of 100 books this year, far surpassing my goal of 52.

NetGalley  Progress Made. I’ve completed a total of 14 NetGalley books. My goal is 50. I’m wondering if I’m going to meet it by the end of the year.

Shelf Love Goal Met. I’ve read 66 books already on my shelves so far this year.

TBR Pile Goal Met. I’ve read 71 books on my TBR by the end of June.

Story SpritesNEW! This is a brand new challenge taking place of the BINGO challenges. Although I miss those, this one sounds just as interesting to complete. There are only 20 squares, and I have completed 9 already.

Alphabet Soup  On Track. I’m down two! N and Q titles are still needed.

Book Blog Discussion Challenge — On Track. I am preparing for September discussions.

Reading Updates

I think this has been the most successful reading months of the entire year. I read THIRTEEN books! Look for most of these reviews in August.





Sunday Post (August 2)

Sunday PostThe Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news, a post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things received, and share news about what is coming up on the blog for the week ahead. To get in on the Sunday funday, see the rules here: Sunday Post Meme.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I didn’t get much accomplished this week since I spent 4 days commuting an hour one way to a 4-day training. Holy smacks, what was I thinking when I signed up for that I will never know.

It’s real. This coming week kick starts my return to my school. I’ve got three more days of project-based training, and then I’ll be squirreled up in my classroom getting ready before everyone else comes back. Summer is officially over! 😦

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~ Around Town in the Spotlight ~

First, I was impressed that so many people started discussing commenting on their blogs following my Art of Commenting post. I think Elizabeth says it best, though. Go check out her post, with some ideas for etiquette, too.

Sunday Post (July 26

Sunday PostThe Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news, a post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things received, and share news about what is coming up on the blog for the week ahead. To get in on the Sunday funday, see the rules here: Sunday Post Meme.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This was my last week to myself before all of the bustle of school starts. I feel that I’ve gotten ahead quite a bit in my reading scheduled and am ready for August. I am not, however, ready for school to start! Are we ever? 🙂

I do feel pretty accomplished, however. I listened to two audiobooks this week and I cleaned out my desk and reorganized a little bit. I cleared out almost an entire trash bag of various papers and brochures!

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I just want to say that I am astounded by the response I’ve received about my Art of Commenting discussion post!

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2015 Book Blog Discussion Challenge


The Book Blog Discussion Challenge is hosted by Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon at It Starts at Midnight.

The Challenge:  

Quit “meaning to” write those discussion posts – and actually do it!


A Note

  • You can join in any time. You don’t have to have a book blog.
  • Sign up here.
  • Link up your discussions each month. (MUST be book-related!)
  • Share and comment on others’ discussions!
  • Use the hashtag #LetsDiscuss2015

This challenge will run from January 1 to December 31, 2015. 

My Goal

Last year I started Thoughts on Thursday, which was my discussion post. I discovered that Thursdays typically were my empty day of the week, so it was perfect to slide in a discussion feature there seamlessly. I was doing pretty well with it…until school fully got underway. I had three good posts in August (about Goodreads, Minimizing and Tours), and one strong post in September (and two mediocre ones), one in October (the GIFs one!).

In five months I posted five true discussion posts. Basically one per month. Yes, it became a hassle, even with a log of ideas to write about. When I planned beforehand it wasn’t as stressful (and consequently as “oh well” when I didn’t post). I’ll start with my ideas from last year. This year my goal is to be a Creative Conversationalist (13 – 24 posts). This means 2 posts per month will get me fully to the upper end of my goal.

1. Why Do I Make Things Complicated? (1/8)

2. Online Identity (1/15)

3. ASK ME ANYTHING! (1/22)

4. Tags vs. Categories (2/5)

5. It All Began With… (2/19)

6. The Candy Book Tag (3/12)

7. Book Blow Out (3/19)

8. Etiquette When Responding to Authors (4/2)

9. Why I Stopped Reading YA (4/16)

10. How Do You Cull Your TBR? (5/7)

11. What is that JUNK in Your Synopsis (5/21)

12. Inside Out Tag (6/4)

13. Tour “3 or More” Review Stars (6/18)

14. Why I Love Romances (7/2)

15. The Art of Commenting (7/16)

16. My Shipshape Shelves (7/30)

17. Your Open Promotion Thread (8/6)

18. Review Policies (8/13)

19. Your Blog Post Recommendations (8/27)

20. Book Boyfriends (9/3)

21. Required Readings (9/17)

22. Review Archives (10/1)

23. Favorite Fall Fascinations (10/15)

24. Guest Post & Author Interviews (10/29)

25. Christmas Wish Lists (11/5)

26. Favorite Friendships (11/17)

27. Canva, Anyone? (12/9)