Review: Disregarded & Adored: The Widower’s Perfect Match

Title: Disregarded & Adored: The Widower’s Perfect Match
Author: Bree Wolf
Publisher: WOLF Publishing
Release Date: November 2021
Length: 110 pages
Series?: Love’s Second Chance: Tales of Damsels and Knights #7
Genre: Historical, Romance

England 1812: Twice in her life, ELAINE WINTERS, VISCOUNTESS SILCOX, found herself in front of the altar; however, twice for reasons not of the heart. Now, with a grown daughter and a grandchild on the horizon, Elaine has given up hope of ever experiencing the most mysterious of emotions herself. However, everything changes when she is swept up north for the holidays and finds herself all but snowed in at Errington Hall.

GILBERT STIRLING, EARL OF ERRINGTON, wants to marry again. And not any woman, but one in particular. Unfortunately, the lady who conquered his heart has always rebuffed every attempt at a closer connection. Surprised to find her on his doorstep this Christmas, Gilbert knows he cannot allow this opportunity to slip through his fingers.
He cannot allow her to slip through his fingers.

As their sons search the ancient castle for secret passageways, Elaine and Gilbert slowly come to realize that it is never too late for love…and that they might have found it when least expecting it.

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This is a later-in-life, Regency second-chance romance. I’m not sure I’ve found anything like it. It is also a novella, so the plot line is rather simple and streamlined.

Both Elaine and Gilbert are older. Elaine has married twice, not for love, not uncommon for the times. Gilbert has been widowed twelve years and while he has an heir, he wants to marry again. They are mature characters with some degree of contentment of their lives. Until their two sons play matchmaker.

The story is sweet from all aspects. The two boys, good friends, hatch this plan to throw their parents together in order to get them together. Which is how the Viscountess of Silcox and her son wind up spending the holidays at the Earl of Errington’s country estate. For most of the time, the boys are off running about the estate, playing, giving enough time for the two adults to be engaged in conversations and allow things to develop.


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