Review: Once Upon an Accidentally Bewitching Kiss 

Title: Love on Beach Avenue
Author: Bree Wolf
Publisher: WOLF Publishing
Release Date: April 2022
Series?: The Whickertons in Love #6
Genre: Historical, Romance

England 1803: TROY BEAUMONT, only son to the EARL OF WHICKERTON, risked his heart once…and came to regret it. Now, he knows only duty, forsaking his family’s tradition to marry for love and love alone. Truth be told, he would rather not marry at all; however, as his father’s only heir, Troy knows he cannot be selfish. He must marry. But who?

LADY LEONORA—or NORA—lost her heart once, mere days before her marriage to another man. Ever since, she has been living a life of regret…until—most unexpectedly—her husband succumbs to his scandalous exploits and she returns to her old home a young widow. Loath of her year of mourning, Nora rides out one day, only to have her path cross…


After avoiding Nora’s presence these past few years, Troy is shocked to find himself face to face with the girl who once stole his heart. He knows he should turn around and leave. Yet his feet refuse to comply, holding him in place as old feelings reawaken, for her teasing smile and compassionate eyes spark an old familiarity. 

Once, they were friends. Once, they knew each other. Once, there was love between them. Could there be again?

Nora is overcome by the way her heart trips and stumbles the moment her eyes fall on Troy. For years, the dreaded thing felt almost dormant, making her wonder if it ever truly functioned in the first place. But why now? Now, that she knows there can be no future for them? After all, Troy needs an heir, and she…cannot provide one.

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I admit, I have enjoyed reading several of Bree Wolf’s books. But this one fell massively short of the mark.

Almost the entire book, up to about the 80% mark, was entirely manufactured misunderstandings, break-offs in mid-sentence, storm offs, and overall refusal to communicate. I was extremely frustrated wondering what was going to change, how anything would be accomplished for either character with their own families, and where this plot was going.

There was essentially no action driving the storyline besides this over-wrought woe.

I definitely started to dislike Nora. Multiple times she seemed to be playing games with Troy regarding marrying or not marrying Mr. Clarke. She constantly swiveled between “I can’t marry Mr. Clarke, he repulses me” to “I think I’ll marry Mr. Clarke, he already has an heir.”

And Nora’s mother. She had a very interestingly strange marriage story. As then did we learn Troy’s parents had. It was too coincidental and much to be plausible. Not to mention all 4 of his sisters got married within one calendar year.

The two biggest points of the book are the end when the mishap occurs and one of Grandma Edie’s secrets is revealed.

It really seemed like this was a book just to be written and there wasn’t much there, simply to wrap up the final siblings’ story.

But. Grandma Edie needs a book!

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