Review: Because the Earl Loved Me

Title: Because the Earl Loved Me
Author: Ellie St. Clair
Release Date: September 2018
Length: 270 pages
Series?: Happily Ever After #6
Genre: Historical, Romance

Desire for drama…
Known by all as a beauty with a haunting, hypnotic voice, Anne Finchley has always longed for more than marriage to a nobleman. She dreams of gracing the stage as an actress, an occupation unheard of for the daughter of a duke. But a chance meeting at a country theatre changes her fate forever.

Perfectly planned…
The Earl of Merryweather, Christopher Anderson, pre-determines every moment of his life, carefully calculating every decision — including marriage to the sister of the Duke of Breckenridge. When he begins his courtship, however, everything goes awry, as nothing about her fits his expectations.

A shocking incident changes everything…
When Anne suffers an accident and must rely on Christopher for help, she turns his life upside down. Despite his inflexible ways, Anne finds herself falling for the man she once rejected, but now it may be too late, as the resulting scandal and upheaval may prove to be too much for Christopher to overcome. Everything is telling them they are wrong for one another — but then why does being together feel so right?

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Anne is the daughter and sister of a duke. She’s grown up in the confines and privilege of nobility. There are rules and etiquette that must be followed and adhered to in order to avoid scandal.

But her heart’s desire is to become an actor. On the stage. Not marry off after her debut season.

This dream comes at a time when young adolescent boys were no longer playing the women’s roles, but to be a woman on the stage was most improper. A woman on the stage was a harlot. Most definitely not suitable for a duke’s daughter.

However, Christopher comes courting. Anne tries to do everything in her power to dissuade and discourage him from her. He’s her brother’s best friend! She pushed the limits so far that she did run off with a troop of actors, set on killing two birds with one stone: get rid of the stuffy nobleman and get on the stage.

Except a jealous troop member sets out to enact an accident that ruins not only Anne’s dream but also her face. While Christopher still was able to rescue her and mostly shield her from scandal, everything changed.

I really liked this one with the sparring between the love interests as well as the action. The plot kept moving along. There were moments I didn’t like Anne or Christopher as an individual, but it wasn’t a no coming back from this level of dislike.

I didn’t like the injury scene or certain comments and events that happen afterward. While there was a grain of truth to some characters’ comments, it was beyond socially deplorable etiquette and just cruel. It more than made its point to Anne.

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