Review: The Bastard’s Iberian Bride / Marrying Mr. Gibson

Title: The Bastard’s Iberian Bride (Marrying Mr. Gibson)
Author: Alina K. Field
Publisher: Havenlock Press
Release Date: May 2017
Length: 409 pages
Series?: Sons of the Spy Lord #1
Genre: Historical Romance

Daughter of spies
For a chance at true freedom, Paulette Heardwyn needs the fortune left her by her inscrutable father. But she doesn’t know what it is, where it is, or how to find it, and the only man with answers, the Earl of Shaldon, takes his secrets to the grave. Worse, the dead earl tries to force her marriage to his bastard son—and leaves her prey to a traitor seeking the same treasure she’s after.

Soldier, Steward, Bastard
Bink Gibson is ready to throw off his quiet life as steward to his old commander and head for India and the chance of prosperity. But before he can leave he’s summoned to the deathbed of the Earl of Shaldon, a meddling spymaster, a complete stranger…and his father.

And the Earl has set a trap Bink will never be able to resist.

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The original title of this book was The Bastard’s Iberian Bride, which I admit I didn’t like. It has been retitled Marrying Mr. Gibson, which is kind of drab. Definitely think there could have been better ideas for renaming.

Sergeant Edward “Bink” Gibson is prepared to set off for India, full of potential for him. Potential riches, being important. But when a deathbed summons arrives, it requires his attention. And an answer.

What seems like a lifetime ago, Bink would have took off without waiting for first light. Now? He avoids it. His true parentage, hidden and known by only a few, is now no longer left to be a scandalous secret in the dark. Bink is the illegitimate son of the Earl of Shaldon, and his step-father made sure through all his beatings that he knew it. Bink and his mother could never be acknowledged…until now.

As Bink is riding to the Earl of Shaldon’s estate and mansion he visited but once, he comes upon a cart. Nearby, he hears distress. Further delaying his meeting with his father, Bink comes to the rescue of a bit of a harpy, seeking to find an item lost from the cart.

Paulette Heardwyn is seeking her own answers. She was so close to finding out, but the only one who could reveal them to her is on his deathbed. It’s imperative she reach him in time to uncover he knows, but first she must find her most precious possession.

There’s complexity with family connections and secrets tied to the Spymaster himself. There is mystery and suspense twists and turns with headstrong Paulette and protective Bink. Full of secrets and spies. Everyone is suspect and an enemy until proven otherwise.

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