Review: Have Your Cake

Title: Have Your Cake
Author: Elise K. Ackers
Publisher: Escape Publishing
Release Date: April 2020
Length: 200 pages
Series?: no
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Abigail Mullins is in the business of happy ever afters. Owner of a London boutique cake shop, she caters to brides wishing to express themselves in unusual ways, and relishes her small, creative life.

That quiet life is disturbed when intriguing, albeit lonely, socialite Dillon Wheeler literally crashes into her life, and one of her clever cake concepts becomes an overnight sensation. Now the media is asking questions about the woman behind the cake. Not only does this new-found popularity threaten the anonymous life she’s created, but it brings in a customer who might otherwise never have found her. A customer from Abigail’s life before London, who knows what Abigail did to escape it, and who could ruin everything.

For who’s going to trust her with their happy ever after once they know what she did to sabotage her own?

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WARNING: The cover does not match the content. This book is heavily filled with multiple incidents of domestic abusive situations as well as substance abuse.

I started this book summer 2020. It was a hard DNF after several items were ticked off that just didn’t seem to be good things for a second chance romance or a non-toxic relationship.

The cover is a trap. It is beautiful, featuring what Abigail does for a living. She is a fabulous and artistic baker with one other employee, Brittany, who is a sweetheart. Abigail has a lot of emotional baggage that still affects her that she hasn’t really worked through. Not that big of a problem, except when history repeats itself or you change who you are for someone else.

Dillon meets Abigail when he crashes into her work van. Later, maybe after the 35% mark somewhere, he admits that he previously had serious issues with alcohol….and he hit her while he was drunk. Ahem, I’m sorry, “hung over”. He also admits that the previous night at their date, he felt she was a shitty date and slept with some rando from the bar!

And Abigail was OK with that! WTF!


That’s where I ultimately had to draw the line. And she kept trying after that!

And then suddenly it is very “you belong to me – promise it’s just me”. WAAAAAAY too possessive. Such dramatic swings is not a foundation for a relationship.

Up to the almost 50% mark, there wasn’t anything that really indicated a romance at all. Just some like.

The writing was stilted and overall the book hard to move through, even from the beginning. There are multiple stories being told and no clear way that Ackers fully planned for them. There is so much jumping around, back and forth between multiple points in time, that it is not clear or easy to follow.

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