Update on Baby A

It’s been a while since I gave an update about Baby A.

My brother and SIL have settled on a name: Daxton Ray Briggs Anderson. They added Ray at the beginning of September in honor of my dad and maternal grandfather.

His growth spurt seems to be over and the due date has again been moved. We’re sitting at February 13, 2022 – 8 days before my birthday. We are exactly two months away.

However, my SIL has recently experienced persistent bleeding. They’ve gone to the hospital on post twice in the past week. No answer except that Dax is healthy and she might have a “small” leak.

Y’all. This is exactly what happened to my mother in 2002 and it is how she lost the twins. How have we advanced 20 years with technology and medical practice and yet still struggling with the same issue?

I am not happy with the ARMY nurses and doctors on their post right now. It is already a high-risk pregnancy with having at least one miscarriage before and the whole Rh incompatibility.

The next thing my SIL said from the visits is that she basically may be induced any day now, depending on how this goes.

We leave today to fly up to visit them. My brother is graduating on Friday from the Prime Power School (evolved from the Nuclear Power training program established in 1958) on Friday. He is graduating at the top of the mechanical class. It has been an intensive year-long program of study and application. It has consumed my brother and required him to voluntarily reclassify. He is no longer an infantryman, but part of the ARMY Corps of Engineers. Now he will be working to deploy, install, operate, and maintain the Army’s Prime Power Program (P3) power generation and distribution.

Depending on all the things with this pregnancy, they may be moving to El Paso (Ft. Bliss) in January, February, or March. Right now there’s still no telling, but El Paso is only a 100 minute flight nonstop.

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