Review: A Rake’s Reward

Title: A Rake’s Reward
Author: Meredith Bond
Publisher: Anessa Books
Release Date: October 2015
Length: 267 pages
Series?: Merry Men Quartet #2
Genre: Historical Romance

A treasure lost…

American Sara Whately came to England with a single goal: recover a long-lost family treasure. Her father had long ago renounced his title and abandoned his country, but desperate financial straits call for desperate measures. Gaining access won’t be easy. The jewels are hidden on an estate Sara’s grandfather lost long ago in an unlucky turn of the cards. And then there’s the vexing, villainous, valiant Viscount Reath…

A jewel of a woman…
Sinclair Stratton, Lord Reath has always gotten everything he wants—money, privilege, and woman. But after ten years in India, he’s returned to England, ready to make amends for his youthful follies. He plans to return his ill-gotten estate to its rightful owner, but the man is impossible to find. And despite still being one of the most sought after rakes in town, the bold American beauty he keeps encountering seems to be immune to his charms and dashing good looks.

While Sara has promised to not just search for her grandfather’s jewels, but make an attempt at fitting into society, it might just be that Viscount Reath is the treasure she actually needs.

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American-born Sara arrives in England for her coming-out season. She is out of place immediately. The arrogance of claiming things solely based on your family ties and background! Sara makes mistake after faux pau and is always needing to be saved from situations.

Enter the Viscount. Sara makes plenty of blunders, but Reath is understanding and helpful. He finds Sara amusing and different that the rest of society.

He is battling the restoration of his own honor and trying to return an estate he won in a game of cards. But the original owners seemed to have vanished into the wilds of America. Reath feels that Lord Wynsham should not have bet something he wasn’t prepared to lose. He seeks out Wynsham’s sister, Lady Darlington, who refuses to speak with him. Reath must investigate and find the man on his own.

Since a young age, Sara has run the household that she and her father shared in America. Americans are far more outspoken than the English. The two countries are moving toward the American Revolution, a war that will divide the countrymen. Sara came to England not for a debut, but to seek out a treasure hidden within the family estate, but this is a secret.

The romance is a sweet build and there is more that brings this Englishman and American hoyden together than just a ton debut.

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