Review: Time for Honesty

Title: Time for Honesty
Author: Mette Barfelt
Publisher: Independently
Release Date: April 2017
Length: 304 pages
Series?: The Solvik Series #1
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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When Emmelin inherits her childhood home in the small Norwegian town of Solvik, she is faced with a dilemma. Despite her love for it and a yearning to return to a simpler life, she is confronted with the reality of a husband who hates the idea and a lack of available jobs.

Her decision seems simple enough, except that Emmelin is carrying a burden from decisions she made when much younger and which are set to bubble to the surface once again.

When her childhood sweetheart Dennis also decides to return to the town, following the death of his wife, Emmelin must finally be honest about what she did to him. Her secret threatens to open old wounds and increase his pain even further. But soon Emmelin discovers that Dennis has secrets of his own that could have changed both their lives.

Tortured by remorse and indecisiveness, can Dennis overcome his anger and find a way to forgive Emmelin? And can she find a way to pave the path for them to trust each other again?
Second chances don’t come along every day. Can Emmelin and Dennis afford to let this one slip away?

I was intrigued by this book because the synopsis sounded right up my alley. I also have never read a book set in Norway, and it sounded like a lovely place to read and learn some more about.

I did like the small town the MC, Emmelin, grew up in and eventually returns back to. It has those feel-good hometown characters at the local deli/diner, a jealous and competitive neighbor, an old flame, and a new opportunity.

It was very hard for me to get into the book. Several times I considered cutting my loses, but I always want to give books a chance. However, when I reached the 50% mark through the book, I called it a DNF. Here’s why:

  • The MC was so wishy-washy about her marriage. It was hard reading how mistreated she was by her husband and thought she needed to do better to make it work.
  • The MC had a secret that involved two other individuals (who did not know one another). She had opportunities to bring those two people together and do the right thing at least twice before I stopped reading and did not.
  • There seemed to be so many things in the writing and story that seemed forced. It didn’t seem entirely genuine.
  • The writing was clear-cut and didn’t evoke any range of emotion for the characters. All I felt was frustrated. There were virtually no real emotions shown or felt by the characters.
  • The pacing of the story and plot was too slow and drawn out.

I did enjoy the hometown interactions of the MC and the women in her town. That was the best thing in the book for me.

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