Sunday Post ~ September Spaz

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It is crazy to think we are *almost* through the first six weeks of school! My 6th-period class has earned a special place in my heart because they are super rockstars. I have been pretty with it in terms of staying on top of my grading. They have had a handful of online assignments that auto-grades, so that has made my life a little easier these past two weeks.

And my yearbook staff are hitting the ground running! I’ve got some great leaders and go-getters. We went to our fall workshop last week and I loved seeing them brighten with the possibilities and trends they saw to bring back to their own pages.

My goal this year is to refocus on me and mine – especially my K9 crew. I am not going to put in hours like I did last year. I will do what I can in the time I’m given. I lost 30 lbs this summer, and prioritizing how to eat better and cook meals is something I want to do this year. I really want to lose another 30 lbs by the time my birthday rolls around, but definitely within the next year. I want to enjoy my life. It has been really hard for me to go beyond the fact that being a teacher is not my identity.

I am in love with my living room now that the furniture is useful for me. I’ve spent every evening and my weekends in the living room instead of my bedroom. It makes grading and eating so much easier! This was a great purchase decision and I’m glad I did it. While I have another payment, it was worth it. I keep telling myself in less than a year my Jeep will be paid off and a couple other things, so I’ll be keeping over $500 each month. I cannot wait! Not like I’m actually going to see that money…it’ll be put to paying down other bills! Oh, the life.

Reading has fallen a little by the wayside as school has picked up. I have tried several nights to read, but I am so tired I don’t get more than a few pages read. I’m trying to make up for that on nights I am not staying at school and on the weekends. I’ve rea my first Christmas read, and now I’m moving on to something a little more mysterious.

And on the other hand, I have a total of 16 reviews to write. How did I let this get so out of hand?? Maybe I need more hands…or an octopus or two.

Buying a Library Book


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