Sunday Post ~ Back in the Swing

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School has started and I have some great kids! A few squirrels and chuckleheads, but I think we’re working out those kinks. I have an awesome assembly of yearbook kids. I think perhaps the best group ever. We are three weeks in and progress reports go out this week.

Two weeks ago I took Baby in for her shots and asked them about a bump on her elbow. It was a tumor. She went into surgery three days later. I take her back this week to get her stitches out and find out the results. And today is her 8th birthday!

Last week my middle brother, who has been deployed to Iraq, finally came home! I am so glad he is back stateside and he and his wife are settling into their new home. He will be coming home in a few weeks and I can’t wait.

Last weekend I drove almost to Oklahoma with my friend to pick up a dog for her daughter. It was a surprise. Her husband finally agreed to get a puppy and gave up his rigid rule that it had to be a schnauzer. The original puppy they saw in pictures kept disappearing, so she picked out another one. As we were leaving, I asked her about the original one. The owner brought her back out of the house…and we backed away with two puppies! I couldn’t decide, she couldn’t decide, her husband couldn’t decide, so we let her daughter decide. She actually picked the original one they were going to get, and I came home with a ten-week chocolate and caramel Border Collie-Labrador. With the mask around her eyes, I thought of masks and masquerades, so I named her Revel.

Two weeks ago I took advantage of the Labor Day sales and set out with my friend and her daughter – the KK girls – to find the perfect reclining sectional and coffee table for my odd-shaped living room. I settled on a denim-looking sectional called Levi and a large rolling coffee table. I found a great discounted rug at Walmart that matched and everything arrived and got set up yesterday. I am SO in love with my living room and foresee spending a lot more time there. It will also be much more helpful for grading papers.

I have been trying to keep up with reading. It has been tough this week. I have been going to bed earlier than I ever did the past school years. My eyes can’t stay open to read more than 5 pages this past week.

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