Back to School

Hey y’all!

It is that time again. I have already been back at school since last Tuesday – the day after I returned from Hawaii. I worked at school all week on our first ever incoming 6th grade orientation, Hippo Camp. I got some planning in with my new partner and my new mentee, who will be supporting our language arts classes thru writers’ workshop. The week ended with Hippo Camp. We had 126 baby 6th graders attend. It was a crazy packed day! 

Now it is time to move on to getting my classrooms ready. I want to do a few things differently, but I have seen HUGE classes on my unofficial class lists. As in 35+. Lawdy, but I hope not. That’s a discredit to teaching those kids. 

As I’m gearing up for the new year with new teaching load of all advanced classes (and one on-level), I’m wanting to change some things up. There is a big #clearthelist teacher movement going around right now across the nation. I am eyeballing some items on Amazon that I really would like to have to support these changes for my kids. 

Please take a peek at my Amazon wishlist for my two classrooms and groups of students. I want to prepare my classrooms for my students to be super successful in a great environment! If you feel so inclined, I would love any support from you guys! I appreciate every little bit. 

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