Sunday Post ~ Life Is Good

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I have been MIA for a while. I returned from my Hawaiian vacation on Monday, and coming back to our time zone hit me hard. I slept on our 8-hour flight and again in the airport during our 5+ hour delay. Poco was ecstatic to see me, but Baby was so mad at me for leaving her. She finally came around halfway through the night, halfway through the week.

Even though my contract doesn’t start until August 8, I went back to work on Tuesday and to plan our first-ever 6th grade orientation. Wednesday and Thursday I was planning with my new partner and my mentee, and Friday we hosted the orientation. I was surprised 126 kids showed up! I also heard from the horse’s mouth we have over 300 6th graders enrolled. There are only two core teachers. You do the math.

Yesterday I got my car washed. I want to get it detailed this fall. It’s been 5½ years. It’s about time, right? After sitting in my side yard for two months, my dad and I erected my gazebo and assemebled my patio furniture. We were both tired by the time that was all done, so we called it quits. It still needs the netting put up and all of the items I have sitting in my living room (also for two months.)

I did get some reading in while on the flight to Hawaii! I finished books! I have also been reading almost every night since I’ve been home. I need to sit down and figure out all the reviews I need to write. I finished Rogue Most Wanted and Once Upon a Bad Boy. I’m currently reading The Earl Next Door.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Life Is Good

  1. Schools are so large compared to here, my children’s primary school (grades K to 6) with a class size maximum 30, had maybe 500students all together. The highschool (grades 7-12) has 900 pupils.

    Welcome back from your trip, and have a great reading week

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