Sunday Post ~ May….Showers

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Last week was a bit of a breather. It didn’t seem as pressure-filled as weeks before have. We are on that downward slope to the end of the year and leading up to our state testing. I had my summative conference for my observation. My appraiser was great. She had nothing bad to say, but she did say next year she wants me to be leading sessions at faculty meetings. Not so interested in that, but that’s part of growing and learning. This weekend my parents and I drove to San Antonio to see my baby brother graduate from his first phase of training at Ft. Sam. We brought him home and he will fly out this Saturday to Hawaii for the next phase. It has been raining and storming off and on for the past two weeks. We had two really bad days, and even my principal cancelled everything after school on one of those days. We are going to have another full week of rain. It’s good for the crops and my plants, but I am over the wet shoes and mud everywhere. I have a hot mess of boxes and semi-started projects all around the house. I have a goal to finish one that I started to clear up some clutter in the kitchen. I am a little project-ed out right now. I haven’t been watching my currently running shows, so I should have some episodes to enjoy this week. I have also re-started Forensic Files on Netflix. I heard some rumblings about the Bachelorette season starting up, so I’m going to check on that too. I really do want to see how Alabama Hannah navigates through this process. My classes read more of HOLES, so they are *so close* to being done with the book. I will have to catch up since I am a few chapters behind. I made no progress on The Vintage Summer Wedding.

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