Sunday Post ~ April Showers

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I suck at getting my Sunday posts up. I seriously have half of it typed up, and then I totally forget about it on Sunday. Some highlights over the last 3 weeks…
  • My Kindle died. I was torn about buying a new one, but I forged ahead and bought a Kindle Oasis. It is not like my Kindle Fire at all. More like a Paperwhite. I have started reading on it, but I’m having trouble finding my books and docs like I could on my Kindle Fire. I guess that’s the new tech learning curve.
  • I admit I’ve operated like an ostrich all year long, doing only what I needed to do to survive, no extra energy to do even the basic things at home in the evenings. Which has included taking all of my meds daily. So I bought enough pill boxes to last me the entire month, for morning and night. Now I have no excuse for not taking my meds. I sit down once a month and fill them all – just like paying the bills. This will help me get back on track…and not look like a druggie when people come to my house. The pill bottles add up when you’re skipping doses!
  • I have slowly been working on projects on my house to-do list. I got all my plants re-potted and discovered I had 4 pecan trees growing in some of them. I also went through my closet and dressers and came out with a box of clothes to donate, and all my winter clothes to go back into tubs in my office closet. I have a whole corner of my room back! The floorboards in my Jeep looked like a playground, so I vacuumed it out with the shop vac. I am trying to de-odorize my house from Poco’s pee parties on the carpets. I have 6 Air Wicks throughout the house and sprinkled and vacuumed the carpets with about the 15th product trying to solve this problem. I bought cute containers to organize my bathroom rack and hall closets and it looks so much nicer! I also am working on organizing my jewelry on my dresser and my make-shift pantry in the kitchen. I will have to take the entire box out to get to anything, but at least nothing will come tumbling down now. Order and tidiness helps ease my anxiety, which is weird because I don’t even realize it’s having an impact on my anxiety until after things are all tidied up.
  • I ordered 3 cherry blossom bare roots to plant on the side of the house. I love those trees so much and I hope they’ll turn out just as pretty as pictures once they’re grown.
  • My landlord said he’s going to expand my backyard and take the fence to the property line, so the side will get an extra 4-5 feet and then there will be some shade from the trees in my yard.
  • It’s contract season and gossip is running rampant. My mentee has already been the subject of mean girl gossip. Someone had the gall to tell her they “heard” her contract wasn’t getting renewed. What a jackass. A jackass who knows nothing about what she was talking about. A jackass who is not even a certified teacher on our campus. I know where my mentee’s position will be next year. The irony in this mean girl’s tidbit of “news” is that nobody has contracts yet…and those who are not getting them have already been met with. Plus, the gossip-monger doesn’t even get a contract, so she’s just a shidiot.
  • Shit + Idiot = Shidiot. Don’t be one.
  • Our PTSA held the second spring carnival this year. My yearbook kids and I did the jail again, which is locking kids, teachers, parents up in a horse trailer. It was the biggest money-making booth last year, and I think we did pretty decent again this year. It was so much fun – and I left with a delicious lemonade slush!
  • I took my yearbook editors for next year to our spring workshop to prepare for the 2020 yearbook. We ironed out the theme, visuals, verbals, fonts, and color palettes. We mocked up our ladder for next year and realized we are going to need even more pages than we had this year. Our book will steadily grow to almost 100 pages in two years, I’m sure of it.
  • My dad’s best friend passed away. My second brother is named after this man, who my dad has known since he was 8 years old. Ken had a heart attack an hour after leaving the VA hospital. (Don’t even get me started on THAT. I am so angry at the VA for not taking care of the men I care about. Two are now dead because of their negligence.) He was Starflighted from his house and was unresponsive afterward. His son kept a tight lid on it and didn’t even tell my dad until 4 days later, and only because they were going to take him off life support the next morning. It was so hard seeing my dad broken over the loss of a man who he has been so close to for over 50 years. They would go on boys trips to Vegas every year for several years when I was younger. This is the only person I can think of that is important to my dad outside of our family. He has buried his parents, his sister, and now his best friend.
My classes and I are still trucking it through HOLES. We read chapters 29-32 and started a new type of journal. They have fewer entries to do than before with their double-entry journal, but are required to do more with their entries now. I was out on Monday, so they all read ahead and I haven’t read those chapters yet! EEK! I started reading on my new Kindle Oasis, picking up with the books on my list. I read The Vintage Summer Wedding, which started off strangely.  I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on.

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