Sunday Post ~ The Shake Up

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It is the season of transfers and contracts. Everyone on my campus is going wild with district changes to positions for next school year. I took the opportunity to ask to be moved out of language arts and into social studies due to the stress of running yearbook. I told my principal I don’t feel I’m doing yearbook justice. He said he would love to move me where I wanted. He would – if he could. Except next year we become a dual language campus and that position is designated to have sections of dual language. I was really disappointed about it.  It was a long shot anyway.  Everyone else is all in a flutter. Some that are being

I also took care of a few tasks that I hadn’t even realized were causing me a lot of anxiety until they were completed, like getting rid of six over-sized bags of books that have been in my car for over a week. And finally mopping my kitchen floor. My rule is I won’t mop until my backyard is all dried out because it takes 7 months to dry out after even just a sprinkle. Well, I mopped on Sunday and it rained this week.

I have been trying to get to bed early every night. Tuesday I felt like I was not even present. I felt like I was in a bubble of slowness and not functioning very well. I’ve started putting Poco in his kennel at night because he acts like the typical chauvinistic male asshat and thinks he’s the guardian of my bed and tries to start shit with Baby when she comes to get in bed with me. They’ve been waking me up every night. We’ve already had several talks about how he is not in charge of who gets in my bed, so he’s been kicked out indefinitely to the dog house.

And MY KINDLE DIED. As in DEAD DEAD. I want to cry. 

My students and I are still reading HOLES. We are starting to pick up speed and are around the halfway point in the book. They have all these theories they’ve been bouncing around as we get further into the book. I also finished several books this past week. I have my reading mojo back!! Now…about writing those reviews, errr… WELL. Can’t read any more books on my list because of this Kindle situation. I need about six hunnid fiddy dollars to fix this problemo…and pay for my Sirius radio. *sigh* It’s that time. 

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ The Shake Up

  1. OMG! I’d been completely lost without my Kindle; I feel your pain (and panic) I hope it’s been revived now. x

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