Thirty is Purdy!

Y’all. Last week I turned 30.


THREE decades.

It’s crazy to me. But it was the best birthday I have had in the last 5 years.

I quit doing anything for my birthday several years ago after EVERY. SINGLE. INVITED. (and previously agreed) friend called me to tell me they were not coming to the fun thing we were going to do as I was headed to that place. What great friends. I don’t keep up with uhm, any of them anymore. One I work with and I see semi-regularly, but I keep my interactions work and student related.

I was honestly dreading my birthday this year because it was a big birthday, and I have had serious lame-O’s ruin it for me in the past.

My birthday feel on a staff development day, and my principal started the day with everyone singing happy birthday. That was nice, and feel-good things are always a great way to start staff days because we’d rather be in our rooms planning. The last day we had with kids, the day before my birthday, my team spread the word and kids were wishing me happy birthday all day. My afternoon classes sang. I wore my Tiny Tot crown from when I was little since someone stole my French Fry crown last summer out of my classroom. I went out for lunch and came back and someone (ahem, my mentee new baby teacher this year) had brought cupcakes and it just made me feel good.

On my birthday, I spent the day with my (work) partner K going to the things we had to go to in the morning and afternoon. Halfway through the day, K invited everyone she knew to come get drinks with us after work. Of course, being National Margarita Day AND my birthday…

While I’m older and the realities of age are setting in, especially the creaks of the bones and joints, I felt really good about my birthday this year. My baby brother thinks I’m 54 and older than the hills, but even my brothers all chimed in on the birthday train.

I also have a goal this year that I have sucked so far at, but I will be changing:

This year, I want to lose 30 pounds – and keep it off.

I lost 15 pounds and 15 inches at the end of the school year last year thru the middle of April and May. Then I moved and my routines and eating habits went to poop. But I am going to get back on the keto train in March. I want to feel even better about myself and my body.


What was your best birthday? Your most feel-good one? 

Sleepy vs. Tired: An Endless Saga


Sleepy vs. Tired: An Endless Saga

I know back in December I’d be back around. And I totally haven’t. By the time the Friday rolls around, I am so done. By the time Friday rolls around, I am so done. All weekend I am a vegetable. I don’t want to do a damn thing.

I have been running ragged this whole school year, and I’m coming to the point where I have to make some difficult decisions about what I will and will not do next school year. I have been at school so late every night 99.95% of the year, all of the other adult things you have to do in life and keeping up your house has fallen by the wayside. I’ve taken care of a few tasks off of my “house list,” but I’m adding more tasks at a faster rate than I’m completing any. My kitchen table is overflowing with supplies and parts of projects I need to do.

At this point, I’m in a perpetual cycle of sleepy and tired. Or sleepy or tired. Or sleepy vs. tired. It’s all the same at this point in the saga that seems never-ending.

So what is the difference?

In the mornings, I don’t want to get out of bed. At all. I keep hitting that snooze until I am going to be late for work, which didn’t start until November, so that is one good thing to say about this year. But I am so exhausted in the mornings. I’m tired. Once I get in gear and I’m at work, I’m OK.

For about 2 hours. And then I get the droopy eyes and can barely keep them open. I just want to lay my head down. It’s the post-lunch nappy zone but at 9:45 in the morning! My whole morning is a slump and it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

This is how I felt before I got my CPAP. Like a zombie. And now I feel like this again. My sleep patterns can be whacky, but I’m sleeping thru the night more nights lately than I have most of the school year. This doesn’t add up for me.

Sleepy is one thing. We are all sleepy some mornings. But it’s like my sleepiness never goes away, and then at some point in the mid-morning it morphs into just tiredness. I think now I’m just perpetually tired. I definitely feel like these guys:

Do you have any tips or tricks that might help me out with the zombie life?