Season’s Greetings!

New number. Who dis?

Right? LOL. 

I have had *the* most stressful semester of my life. I was supposed to return from my hiatus this fall. I came back for a few weeks, and then fell off the face of the planet. Since you last really heard from me…

  • My district implemented an actual curriculum for advanced classes
  • We still did not have books until mid-October.
  • Our copies were limited to 10,000. 
  • Then they were “Indian given” down to 2,000. FOR THE YEAR, not semester. 
  • One of the math teachers totally went MIA. The kids think she died. 
  • Then the district decided the scope and sequence for on-level classes was going to move from TRS to the new curriculum…which ruins all of the district tests that have been painstakingly written. 
  • My partner and I were bullied into this huge project that we were lied to about.
  • We have been working on a semester-long set of lessons for the state of Texas. We will be filmed December 19th. (At this point, IDGAF anymore.)
  • I drove to Missouri to see my baby brother graduate basic. And raced time trying to catch up to military buses before they reached Texas. (My mom said for 2 hours it wouldn’t happen. It did, people.) 
  • My oldest brother contracted a potentially fatal infection in Africa. He has since been returned to the states, but treatment is highly questionable. 
  • My oldest and youngest brothers are both stationed on the same base within a 2-hour drive.
  • My almost SIL had a tonic-clonic seizure at my house. Exactly one week before…
  • My middle brother got married. #drama
  • I have done a lot of work on the cottage. More is still to come. 
  • I have officially been diagnosed with diabetes and on meds. 
  • I am also back in the pre-cancerous watch zone I was for 6 of the past 8 years. 
  • I have been stressing about getting this yearbook finished by the January deadline. No support to do what we need. We still don’t even have our student portraits. Ridiculousness. 
  • My mother’s job at a small school district fired her for going to my great-uncle’s funeral. They still have not sent her final check…three months later. #lawsuitmuch
  • I stopped reading. Entirely. Haven’t touched my Kindle since August. Just thinking about that gives me major anxiety. 
  • I feel way too micro-managed as a teacher. 
  • My principal used me as a guinea pig without telling me for his Harvard cohort. 
  • My observation this year was stellar. My AP told me I needed to be proud of myself. 
  • I found out my crazy call-the-cops-on-the-cop ex tried switching shifts to avoid being put on the spot and called out by certain individuals he has to work with…and the sergeant denied it with a huge hell no. KARMA. I felt so validated when I received that message. 
  • I have a foster fail dog turned MINE! We made it legit official on December 5th, microchip and all. He loves Baby and she loves him when she’s not being all Eeyore. His name is debatable. Call him any Mexican food you want…also answers to Chico and Little Puppy. 
  • My hair is finally growing out. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to get the extensions in December. Nearly a year after the first appointment! 

I’m Back…I Think?

I’m not jumping back in as fast-paced and full-speed as I was before. I think I’m going to take a page out of a few friends’ books and just post whenever. No set schedule. No making it any “work” like thing.  

But I do want to be back. I don’t think I can handle looking at my blog email…like, ever. So cutting that out might be a good thing for me to stay back and not stress.  Not gonna lie, some days I feel like taking 2 anxiety pills in the morning before I leave. 

2 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings!

  1. You sound even busier than me! I hope things will calm down for you, and that you’ll get the support you need so you can finish the yearbook on time without too much stress!
    Congrats on your new puppy 🙂 Lil Puppy is a cute name 😀
    I hope your oldest brother will get the treatment he needs, and I’m sending healing vibes his way.
    *fist pump* for karma 😉
    And I hope you’ll be able to keep us in the loop even if you might not have time to post as regularly as in the past.

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