Discussion: Do Reviews Need an About the Author Section?

Do Reviews Need an About the Author Section?

When I first started blogging, I did not include an “about the author” section in my reviews. Mainly because I didn’t know what I was doing anyway. But then I saw so many reviewers including that at the bottom of their reviews. So I started doing it.

Over these five and a half years, I have come across so many authors who don’t have their Goodreads author page set up, don’t have a website, or don’t have any social media – some a combination of two or all three of these things.

It is hard to also keep all those links updated in old reviews over the years if they change. And how would I know? I don’t go back into them and check the links. And it looks really bad (in my opinion) when you click on a link from a website and it does not work.

Recently I wrote two reviews. One author had nothing but a generic website with pictures of their books. That was it. The other had nothing. So I made an executive decision to completely remove the About the Author section at the bottom of those reviews.

Now I’m thinking of doing it for all of my reviews. Removing the About the Author section permanently. It would definitely save me quite a bit of time and hassle.

Is this a reviewing taboo? I really don’t know.

Do you include an About the Author in your reviews? Is it blogging etiquette to do so? What if I got rid of it?

10 thoughts on “Discussion: Do Reviews Need an About the Author Section?

  1. I don’t usually include an about the author section, but I see a lot of people that do. Honestly, I would say it’s up to you (unless an author particularly asks for one after reviewing their book) but ultimately I would say no one would think differently of you- I’ve had good feedback on my posts and never included a bio! Great discussion point 🙂

  2. People can do whatever they want on their blog, but I don’t think an About the Author section is necessary. I’ve never read one. If the book is new to me, I read the synopsis and review and scroll past everything else. I care more about the book than the author.

  3. I don’t include this section because I don’t read it on blogs that do. I guess I just don’t really care who the author is, just if the book is good. Fifty percent of author bios are just funny anyway and say they like cheese or hats with fun patterns or something. It might make me smile for two seconds, but I’m not sure it’s “informative.”

  4. I hadn’t really thought about it before. I do include links to the author’s website, FB, or Twitter if I can find them. You are right though about the links being outdated after awhile or not working. That is a problem. Something to think about, for sure!

  5. I include an about the author section, but I think it’s a personal choice. It’s your blog and a review post, anything else is just extra 🙂

  6. I include an author section if I do a single review, but not for my bite-sized reviews. And that’s more out of habit than anything. I don’t think they’re necessary. I think the reason a lot of people include them is just because they’re required for blog tours.

  7. Sometimes I do & sometimes I don’t 🙂 I don’t think it adds or takes away from the impact of the review.

  8. I include them when the author provides them as part of a blog tour, but I never write my own blurb about them. Interesting question. Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on Mommynificent.com!

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