Sunday Post ~ So It Begins

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This week was crazy busy. Monday was my last day of freedom. Tuesday I called my yearbook officers for a work day. We met with our rep and ironed out our cover. We have our theme, colors, and visuals down. Now to pick out the fonts. We cleaned up the room quite a bit and I think it is going to be so much better this year with systems in processes in place that hold them accountable. Wednesday my mom and I picked up a bookcase I desperately need for my classroom and we hauled it up to school. Thursday my editor and I went shopping for the ten million things we needed to buy. We got started painting the A-frame (for marketing) but we couldn’t finish it all. I fixed the books and bookcase situation and then went home. Between these two days and the day setting up my classroom two weeks ago, I’ve already put in over 30 hours unpaid.

Friday was our first day back. It was a work day (YAY!) so it was nice and easy and slow, work at your own pace, and there were some middle school bebe’s up there to help out. I met the new peeps on my team and I think we are going to have a solid, no-snitch team this year that runs the Wild West like nobody’s business. Also, my partner K was trying to match-make me with my new door neighbor because he came in in the afternoon and asked if I was wearing house shoes (I was) and he said he was going to like me (in the “this is going to be a good year, we are the same kind of crazy teacher” vein). NO, people, there will be no matchmaking. He is married. K also went out of town, so Friday morning she brought Lacy Dog to my house and she and Baby had fun all day, and then Lacy Dog became the fun police when I got home. Yesterday they spent most of the day in opposite rooms.

I had an amazing hair day this week! It was done by late afternoon, but I captured it’s gloriousness below.

I also ordered some items from Amazon, including a scale that reads all kinds of things about your body. I opened it up yesterday and got it running. I was 100% positive I gained back all the weight I lost in April/May and then some. Yep, I gained 20 pounds from what I lost. How is that even fucking possible?? Going to get down to the grind with my keto again.

My middle brother – the one that never talks to anyone – superbly pissed me off Friday night. I honestly don’t think we can be siblings anymore with his viewpoints. It is going to be an awkward Thanksgiving when he gets leave and finds out it is going to be at my house.

I tried getting around to visiting and commenting. Even if I didn’t comment, I saw opened and read almost every post that came to my email. That’s a good step, right? I’m working on it, y’all. I’m going to try to be better about visiting today’s post today. What a concept! LOL

I have finished both of these books and I could not stop telling people (erm, my mom and partner K) about I Love You More. GUYS. Go read it! I am going to find something else on my list to start reading today.

I also realized that it is highly unlikely that I will meet any of my reading goals or challenges for the year, and it bothers me because THIS year was supposed to be THE year. *sigh* If only. I have got to get my shit locked down from now on.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ So It Begins

  1. It sounds like you had a very productive week, Charlie. All ready for the new school year, including all the yearbook stuff is impressive 🙂
    I hope you’ll get more good hairdays now that you have new products to help you get it to grow!
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

  2. Yay for good hair weeks! Even for just a good hair day! I am glad the hair products have helped. You look beautiful in your photo, Charlie! It sounds like the school year is getting off to a good start for you. I sent my daughter off to her first day of second grade today. I took the day off so I could pick her up too. A rare treat–and some hours alone. Finally! Haha

    I Love You More does sound really good! I am glad you enjoyed it. It’s always a bonus when a book makes you want to sing its praises and make everyone else read it.

    I hope you have a great week!

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