WOW Moments Trying to Date Again

Since the break-up, I have tried dating. Tried being the operative word, here. I’m now convinced we live in a one-date culture today, but that’s another story. Today is all about stupid crazy shit these guys have said to me that are just HARD eye-roll moments.

So…you were going to either bail last minute or stand me up entirely? On a date YOU asked for? That’s been planned for 8 days? Mmmm. No, boy. I think I gotta wash my hair…


I love my friend Joyce. “I’d read that blog.” Well, y’all, I made it happen. Don’t even get me started on this crap. The lies or the blaming Christianity thing. No, honeyboo, that means you’re a Baptist. Let’s move on…


Dudebro doesn’t even know WTF he is. Too bad, he seemed cool. Obviously…not. But don’t call him a player. He’s not a player.


Y’all. This one had SO much potential. And then he no-showed…twice. So, player, but initially great conversations. Too bad. His New York balls and loud mouth were about to get him an “aight, bet” in a “abort, abort, fatal death mortality ahead” kind of way down here in Texas. Also, you gotta feed this unbiological Mexican girl the food of her country, dumbass. (Y’all, I have said this since I was in like 7th grade – my Mexican uncle will claim me, so don’t be hating.)


This just got me all fired up and roasty. Apparently someone got some chestnuts over an open fire. And yes, I did read this to my classes that day. You don’t get to be a misogynistic asshole. I have endured too much of that crap and I won’t stand for it anymore. I might also be getting feisty like an old folk in my “old” age, but IDGAF. Come at me, bro!

4 thoughts on “WOW Moments Trying to Date Again

  1. I hated dating. I found only Asshats on POF, two of which I dated – one for 2 years and another for six months. After that I deleted! I ended up finding my soon-to-be husband on Perfect Harmony. It goes through levels so you get to know the person. It’s a bit more work than just free talking but I am so glad that I did.

  2. Holy crap, dude. THIS is why I laugh at my friends who tell me I should try dating apps. HELL to the no. I cannot. These people are all…. piles of human garbage tbh, and they don’t deserve you! I am cracking up at the “Christian” guy and also at the Mexican food one because same hahahha. Thanks for sharing these, they gave me a good chuckle!!

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