Sunday Post ~ Last Hoorah

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First, I want to apologize for being such a crappy blogging friend. I went through all my 1800 emails Friday and did some visiting and commenting.

Tuesday my mom came with me and helped me unpack my classroom. The first thing we did was haul all the old cases of yearbooks out to the recycling dumpster. These went as far back as 2007 and were all before my time. (We have sold out every year since I took over yearbook.) It completely emptied my built-in bookcase down in my lab. Looks so much better! We set up my classroom entirely. I moved some furniture around from last year. I discovered with all the books from my mom’s school I was given in May, I need another bookcase. My teacher space is set up, my teacher books and notes are all purged for trash, my extra filing supplies are organized neatly (for the first time ever), my cabinet is not shoved full of stuff, and my technology is all set up. The only remaining things I need to do for my room are take down/put up my posters, inventory my personal supplies and organize it in my new set up, and decide how I want to do my whiteboards this year. Then I have my yearbook lab to get entirely ready with new organizational tools and turn in spaces for my sparklers (our yearbook is called the SPARK).

When we left school, I was literally hobbling. I jacked up my back good. The next morning I went to my original chiropractor, who moved across the street into a brand new building he had built. It is really nice. My back never wants to cooperate, so I was shocked that every single area adjusted as it should. And it felt so damn amazing! I still had a little pain, but it was the best adjustment I’ve had in the six years I’ve had chiro care.

Thursday my work bestie, her daughter, and my mom went to Schlitterbahn. We had discount tickets from school, and it was a blast! We stayed until the park closed. My mom petered out in the late afternoon and just sat at the table reading her book, which was OK. She didn’t want to ride any of the rides anyway, but she had. I had so much fun and the water was so cool and refreshing. I felt like a kid. When we finally got back to our park and our table in the evening, we started chowing down. The 15 minute closing announcement came on and we were like “Whaaaat?” We left, ate dinner, and then got stuck in construction traffic right around the exits for The Man’s house. *eyeroll* Y’all, it took over an hour and a half to move just two exits. It was ridiculous. We didn’t get back to my house until midnight, and they all still had to drive home. It was still a great day.

Friday I was going to go to school in the morning and do some final touches since my classroom will be used for training next week, but I woke up and was so out of it and achy. I felt like I had just woken up from anesthesia that wouldn’t wear off. I ended up basically sleeping all day until 4pm. Even then, I was out of it for a few hours and only did one of the three things I downgraded my day to, which was shower. I did cook, do dishes (twice – before and after), emptied my email and visited, though. I just didn’t have the energy to get dressed and go to the store and got to City Hall to pay the water bill. I do think I pulled something though. Even after an over extended time standing under the hot water, I have a pain around my right breast, like from the top around to under my arm. Hopefully just sore and nothing more!

Speaking of medical, my CT scan from a few weeks ago came back with nothing. No explanation for my constant ear infections this year from February to June. Also, nothing else I need to be concerned about. I guess tea tree oil and my ears are going to be BFFs to prevent any more shenanigans.

Yesterday I drove 3 hours to help Berls @ Because Reading get her entire classroom moved out of her storage unit into her classroom. I got all the way there, and they were done!! So I had a nice road trip with Sirius XM. 🙂

I am trying to finish up Spring in Sweetwater County as quick as I can. I read a bit more this week, and while the plot is predictable, I still think there is one more surprise coming my way.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Last Hoorah

  1. Sounds like a really busy week! No wonder you needed to look after yourself:). I hope it cools down a bit before you end up in the classroom – it sounds a bit like my last class before we broke up… Take care.

  2. I’m kind of jealous you got to spend time with Berls… and you didn’t even have to work! She’s one of the nicest people I know!
    I hope the ear infections will stay far away from you – and maybe get a chiropractor to take a look? Sometimes, we can have movements in the little bones and it just plain hurts.
    I’m glad your classroom is ready for the new school year! I still have two and a half more weeks left until school starts – and our staff meetings are all on the Friday before.
    Also, I don’t have a classroom that’s only mine, so apart from finalizing my students’ schedule, I’m all done 🙂
    Have a wonderful week and happy reading!

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