Chit Chat – July 2018

The month started with some last-minute to-dos before I left for my cruise. We went down on 4th of July and sailed out of Galveston on the 5th for Cozumel. I enjoyed it, I just wish I had gotten good sleep leading up to the cruise so I could have maximized my time on board. I splurged and went to the spa with a good discount. It was so nice!  I also wish we had splurged and done one of the excursions. We went to one of the cheap resorts instead and just sat on the beach and swam all day. I love that picture of my brother and the one of him and my mom. I LOVE her picture at dinner. I am so glad I bought them, even if they were crazy expensive.

The week we came back, all of my plumbing decided to be the jackassiest jackass. My landlord was going to set up the water line to the fridge…and ended up jacking up my sink plumbing two days after I came back. I had a leak for two whole days. I had to empty the bucket every 3 hours or it overflowed all over the kitchen. 😦 When the plumbers finally came the day after the appointment, that Friday afternoon, I showed him the weird thing I just discovered in my bathroom…water would come up the sink when the toilet was flushed. It was sewage. Not a big deal, they would come back on Monday to fix it all. Well…Friday night my brother yelled at me about 10:30 before he and my mom were about to leave. My bathroom had exploded with sewage coming out of every aquatic orifice! It was so disgusting and it wouldn’t stop. I had to go to a hotel for two days until it was all fixed and cleaned. Then there were more issues with the sink and the original plumber came back and fixed that. Y’all, I am paranoid now any time water won’t drain.

I spent most of the month getting both of my parents on board with smartphones, upgrading from flip phones. There have been learning curves, and my dad is just being a turd. He called me one morning and woke me up wanting my help, got mad, and then tried hanging up on me…except he couldn’t. He didn’t know how!

I have spent A LOT of time with my mom just doing things for her or her doing things for me. I have enjoyed it. She has been over more in this past month than she ever came when I lived with David and the other roommate for a year and a half. And this is why I wanted and needed this move. While the expenses are adding up, I don’t care. I needed this for me. About time I do some nice things for myself.

I spent a lot of time this month just watching TV, on my phone, and sleeping. I did some work in my bullet journal and got everything in line for August. All of my copies for the first six weeks of school arrived…


We also found out this month that our district’s copy center is no longer. We are always shamed every year about how much we copy or print on our campus (and exactly how much that costs) and how the copy center saves us SO much money…and yet they are taking it away? I am convinced that the new Super is trying to clean up and make the district budget look fucking amazing and non-school employees will not know what is now gone and how detrimental it is. So…what happens when just ONE of our campus copiers goes down now??

I attended two three trainings this month, one of which I got paid for. I got Google Educator Level 1 certified and attending this training for Seesaw, which now I’m thinking I won’t really use. The same day that was happening, the Level 2 was happening. I’d rather have been doing that.

My mom and I also sent off my brother (the one pictured above) to basic training. We went down to Ft. Sam Houston and someone actually turned in the damn list and we weren’t turned away. We waited around most of the morning and then they did their final swearing in, signing contracts, and then he was gone. Unlike my older two brothers who are Infantry, my youngest brother is going into the medic side and is at Ft. Leonard Wood. This time around we won’t be going to Ft. Benning, but it is a shorter drive to Missouri. My oldest brother (in Africa) is trying to orchestrate my parents and a coworker into buying some Brahman cattle and a cattle trailer for him (with his money, just doing it for him).


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May – 611 | June – 508 | July – 870


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Obviously, VERY little progress has been made since March. I am very confident that I won’t meet many of my challenge goals this year, unfortunately. Also, I’ll take this opportunity to officially announce I am completely dropping the Audiobook Challenge.

I am going to stick to these six books for my next reads! I’ve already knocked two off from last month.

How are you doing? What is going on in life?

5 thoughts on “Chit Chat – July 2018

  1. I’ve never been on a cruise. Your trip sounds so much fun and thanks for sharing the photos. I admire you for helping your parents with technology. My mom finally got on Facebook.

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