Sunday Post ~ Education Packed

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A few weeks ago I asked for prayers for some families who are dear to me. I’d like to give you guys an update on the Shartzer family. Linda’s vacation has come to an end and she has to return to work here in Texas while her husband Victor is still in a coma in a Canadian hospital. I can’t even imagine how terrifying that is. If you can donate something small or send some positivity their way, both families would be grateful.

The Shartzer Family,

The Ford Family

This week was strange. Monday my mom and I hit the road to Ft. Sam Houston for my brother’s final swearing in ceremony and his departure to Ft. Leonard Wood (MO). We had dropped him off at the recruiter’s station Sunday. I was really hurt that when I said I loved him, he entirely ignored me. Didn’t look at me, didn’t say anything. On Monday when everything was done and he had 5 minutes with us before going to a briefing, he took a picture with my mom and when she asked for my phone to take one of us, he made the ugliest face and said “Hell no.” Y’all, my baby brother is literally like my kid. My mom went back to work after 3 weeks. I did everything but birth and breastfeed him. He came to stay with me and my roommate in college one year. His attitude and the way he has treated me recently really hurts – especially after I told him that two weeks ago. Everyone keeps saying he is scared, but I don’t really think so.

Tuesday I had an all-day training at school for Google. The closer it got to the three-hour test, the more wigged out I started getting. I was convinced I was being too nonchalant about it and that it would be harder than I thought and I’d fail. I finished in 1.5 hours and passed.

Wednesday I don’t even know what I did. I think I just putted around and watched TV and snoozed all day.

Thursday I had another training in the morning, also technology-based. It would be a stretch of how to use it in my class at the middle school level. While there, I discovered that the next level for the Google stuff I did Tuesday was going on next door. I much rather would have done that and got my Level 2 cert. I also had lunch with one of my coworkers. I call her my work mom. I was shocked when she revealed something about her spouse’s job that had happened before school even got out. I felt so horrible for her and her family. We had a good catch up. I also FINALLY got around to hanging up my wall decor. It has been sitting in the office/library closet since I moved in. I spent two hours getting only a few things up and as it went on I became exceedingly frustrated, calling the wall and the nails and the piece all a jackass. It is an old house with old paneling walls, but seriously. There cannot be a stud everywhere. That’s what I kept running into. So, yay for gouging holes in all the walls.

Then Friday morning I looked at some of the things I had put up and it was so…garish together and where it was. I took them down yesterday and moved them to different rooms. I like it much better. I still have several things I didn’t put up that I’ll work on. It will require climbing on my desk, which I think is a task for my skinny mom and not me.

I also got my dad’s new smartphone up and running, got all his pictures out of messages in his flip phone, and entered all of his contacts (yes, one by one). I think he is going to have more trouble with this new phone than my mom, who is already messaging and texting like a fool and scrolling Facebook daily. Speaking of which, my dad HATES you putting anything “out there” about our family besides pictures (eyeroll), and he was all sad that he didn’t have Instagram and Facebook to scroll through pictures and videos. It was a very Twilight Zone moment. But now he can talk to my brother in Africa … who is going to talk him into going to buy a trailer for him. And then orchestrate him buying some Brahman heifers for him. It’ll happen, too. Just watch.

There has also been more drama with the asshole uncle with the land and all. My mom has put in a call and will be going back to the attorney to move forward with the next steps, and also some other steps for the sheriff’s office. If the latter goes as planned, it will be a show I don’t want to miss.

I’ve had to feed and let in my landlord’s cat all week since they are gone. She has attacked me TWICE. Her normal routine is to go outside and come back in in the evening. I’ve only put her out twice. The second time she cornered me on the little back porch and would not let me down the steps – also the site of the second attack. I had to go back inside and find another way out and back to my house. She is fucking evil.

My cousin’s wife had their babies Friday morning. She is not due until October 1st. The girl was 3lbs 7oz and the boy was 4 lbs 3oz. I believe they are transferring them to an Austin hospital for better NICU services.

I haven’t done a lot of reading this week. I don’t know why. It is the perfect time and I have more than ample time. I did start in on a new book, Spring in Sweetwater County. The beginning is a little convoluted and I’m still not very far into it. I’m trying to work out all these ominous statements about characters and figure out what happened “all those years ago.”

I did a little work in my bullet journal, not much. I added another spread for shows, which I basically colored all in anyway, but I wanted a record of what I was watching this year.












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