My Bullet Journal: Blogging with My BUJO

Last year I did an entire series of posts about My Bullet Journal journey. It was the first year I started, and I shared my tools, tips, spreads, mistakes, and ideas. I am using a Leuchtturm 1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook with Dotted Pages in Purple for 2018. I hope you enjoy my spreads and ideas from my bullet journal. I’d love if you would share your own ideas or photos of your journals with me, too!

2017 Bullet Journal Posts

2018 Bullet Journal Posts

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Blogging with My BUJO

I took a hiatus from my blog on April 8th. Really, I was hiatusing at the end of March and finally gave in and made it official. I haven’t touched any books or my blog until the end of June. I didn’t do anything in my bullet journal for a while, either. I am now fully back on board…and drowning in how behind I am. Last I looked, Goodreads said I was 16 books behind for my goal. I had no posts drafted or ready to go. It was totally hit the ground running.

I knew I would let things fall through the cracks if I didn’t plan something out. When I started blogging, I was a hardcore organizer and had everything calendered in two months ahead. Then I just stopped entirely. I think I need to go back to a little something to have the visual and to hold me accountable and keep track of the status of things. I am much more visual – digital doesn’t work for me for this, unfortunately.

I started by making a list of all my recurring posts each week or bi-weekly and listed those out for every week until mid-August. I made a column for the post, a column for the topic, and two small columns on the right labeled with a D and S (for draft and scheduled). This way I can just flip open to the couple pages I need and see quickly what I’ve done, what I haven’t, which posts each week I need to finish up and schedule or create completely from scratch and get going.

  • Sunday Post
  • Review (I always post these on Monday)
  • Top 10 Tuesday
  • Tuesday Teaser & Intro
  • WWW Wednesdays
  • My Favorite…
  • Beyond the Books (which now looks like it is on hiatus with Karen opening That Book Store)
  • Famous Last Words (my own meme)
  • Thoughts on Thursdays (my discussions)
  • My Bullet Journal
  • Book Blogger Hop

Here is what one of the full spreads looks like. I used a different color for each week to help bring some color to the pages. At the bottoms on each page, I picked out some quotes related to planning and why it is important.


Is it working? 

Yes, it is! On the first day of sitting down to work after creating these spreads (the same day), I drafted 12 posts from scratch to finish and scheduled them. Of course, they were the easiest ones for me to draft and complete, but the next day I began working on some of my tougher posts that are just more in-depth and time consuming, like this post. On day three I was working on the posts that take me the longest: an old review I still hadn’t written, a Famous Last Words graphic.


Do you use a pen and paper planning method for your blog? 

I really like how I have the columns labeled, especially the draft and schedule columns. But I am struggling with how much space this takes up. I can only fit two weeks on one page with this format. Like I said, I’m really used to having two months at a time to work through and then get ahead. Do you have a more concise way you keep your blog planning or schedule? I still want to have mine in my bullet journal for the fall, but I definitely will need a new format. What does yours look like?

How do you keep track of your planning and organization for your blog posts?

What has been your bujo inspiration lately? I’m always looking for ideas!

What do you want to see in next month’s Bullet Journal post? 

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