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Beyond the Books is a weekly meme hosted by Karen @ KissinBlueKaren. Each week features a new topic (mostly non-bookish). This meme is a fun, social weekly post.

This Week’s Topic:



I have struggled with self-care ever since I started my career. I was taught that your work is a reflection of you, so if I am not a perfectionist in what I do, I’m failing. I have felt like the shittiest teacher…and yet I’m one of the VERY few who are at my school at all hours preparing and working. Being a teacher is hard, and the work-life balance is harder. I don’t think I could do it if I had a child.

This year I said was going to be the Year of Me. I was going to tell people NO (and I kinda have…and I kinda haven’t), I was going to be selfish and focused on me. So far, I’m doing OK with it.

Self-care is so vitally important to everyone, and especially those in highly stressful jobs that are notorious for bad work-life balance. You can’t continue to give from an empty cup. Some of my favorite self-care things to do include getting a manicure and pedicure, taking the time to style my hair, put on full make-up, a long, hot shower, a night of reading, watching favorite movies, listening to music in a quiet place, cooking a favorite feel-good food.

Take care of yourself!


One thought on “Beyond the Books ~ Self-Care

  1. I agree with you, Charlie! Self-care is important! My job does tend to be mentally exhausting plus the pressure and deadlines… anyway, I try to go on short trips with my husband. I also love spending time by myself and it has helped me, too!

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