I’m sure this doesn’t come as a surprise, right?

I’ve decided to take a temporary hiatus. After the shit storm that was my life in March and adjusting to my new life (and dating – y’all – I’ve gone on DATES!…OK, two…two dates) and dealing with losing my grandfather and the maelstrom to come, I am struggling to find time to read, let alone work on the blog. When Baby gives me the “Seriously? Another screen?” face, it makes me feel like a horrible dog mom. I have to make time for her, too. She’s my Baby.

So…I will be slowly working on things behind the scenes while I’m hiatusing so that things are ready to roll when I come back…which I’m hoping is the end of May?? You can follow me afar from Instagram. @sissybearla

8 thoughts on “Hiatusing

  1. I think a break is in order. Blogging should be fun, not a burden. Hopefully you’ll come back raring to go and I’ll be waiting:)

  2. You take the time you need, Charlie, and take care of you…and Baby! We’ll still be here when you return. ❤

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