Sunday Post ~ Reinventing Life

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This week was good, besides my bad hair days! I’ve been working full steam ahead on finishing the yearbook. Our deadline was last Monday, but they also give a week grace. On Tuesday night Baby kept bugging me in the middle of the night to go out. It wasn’t all that pretty, but I just figured it was her anxiety coming back. I decided to ditch the faculty meeting Wednesday after school and when I got home she had bust into Photography Dad’s office (redesigned as a room for his two little boys) and had pooped all over. Wednesday night we were literally going out every 30-40 minutes. I took Thursday off and we were at the vet’s office first thing. As soon as I set my purse on the counter, Baby had explosive diarrhea all over the waiting room floor. They kicked us out of the building until they had a room for us. No parasites, no pancreas problems, just a bad overgrowth of bacteria. They kept asking me if she’d got into anything – specifically dead animals. How? She is with me all the time. She doesn’t go outside without me. I know what she does and doesn’t get into, so I’m not sure how she got this overgrowth happening. We had a fight getting her to take her meds, so I don’t know how this is going to go for the next 10 days.

Friday brought dozens of spreads still incomplete. I spent all day Saturday working on pages, fixing things, adding content, tagging kids. I finally had to stop at 10:00. I still have two unfinished spreads. 😦

Saturday afternoon my new Temperpedic adjustable bed was delivered. I had to rearrange my furniture to fit with the new bed. I went from a full to a queen, which doesn’t seem like such a big difference except everything is already tight. I don’t like how I had to redo the furniture layout. My old chair is now just sitting in the middle in front of my closet sticking out and taking up all this space. My mom and brother also came over to help me move my dresser and the bed just a tad. I also had my closet doors taken off (I hate the sliding doors, and it’s so dark!), installed a new detachable shower head, and got my dresser top organized so I can pull my jewelry out of storage this week. I also started hanging things on the walls since this is no longer temporary. I felt so at home with my organized space and at peace with how I’ve turned my room into my little home.

Yes, I slept wonderfully last night! So did Baby. We slept like babies!

I started the first few pages of Unmasking Juliet and I seriously hope to make some big progress with it today and tomorrow, now that I don’t have production meetings on Monday nights and I can plan more after school with my partner, I hope I’m able to get home and read and work on things when I get home. I didn’t touch my bullet journal this week, so I’ll be catching it up this week.

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Reinventing Life

  1. That sign is so me. LOL I love Tacos! It looks like you’re settling in nicely and nice bed! Does your dog have some favorite soft snacks? My dog has to take a pill every day and I hide it in a piece of moist dogfood or something else soft. He never even knows he’s taking it then.

    My Sunday Post

    • I did peanut butter, cheese, weenies. She finally gave in and will begrudgingly let me feed her the peanut butter. She knows even when you hide it. One day she even ate all the peanut butter and spit out the pills (3 total). We had to do it again a second time.

  2. I’m glad you’ve gotten your new bed, and gotten it into your room, even if you don’t love the layout yet. I’m sure you’ll figure out the best way to keep it with time!
    Good luck finishing those last two spreads 🙂
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

  3. I hope a taco is thinking about me! =) Hope you are enjoying your new bed. Even tho its a tight fit, I hope you do enjoy it. Have a great week!

  4. Awe poor Baby. I hope she gets better soon and you figure out the trick to get her to take her meds. I know that part can be really tricky. I am glad to hear you are getting settled into your new place. It will feel like home in no time. I hope you have a great week Charlie!

  5. Ooh, I hope Baby is better soon. It sounds like you had a fairly good week. I hope this upcoming week is fantastic! At least you’ll be getting good sleep, right?!? 🙂

  6. Poor Baby! I hope she is taking her meds more easily for you. Giving medication to animals (or even human kids) can be a huge challenge, so I don’t envy you.

    I hope everything got done with the year book. You’ve has so much going on on top of that! I hope you are taking time out to breathe. At least you can sleep well now! 🙂

    Have a great week!

    • Thanks, Wendy! We have found a method that works for the meds. It involves Baby trying to hide (in plain sight) and then begrudgingly taking the meds. We only have 2 more doses!! The yearbook got done and finished Monday. Whew! I am definitely needing some time to breathe. SO much more time to do that now!!

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