Sunday Post ~ Onward!

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Monday I went back to get my things after the shit show that was last weekend. If my science peep from school hadn’t shown up with her SUV, we would have been screwed. It was dicey as it was, fitting my entire life in my Jeep and a truck. And then I got this lovely. If it’s just about you selling your house, why so fucking nasty? Why be a complete ass the day I did come to get my things the first time?

No, it’s not about your dad or our compatibility or your house. It’s about something else motivating you…like your little Facebook bunny that’s been popping up for weeks.

We got all of my stuff moved and put in my new storage unit across from my school. I’m sad to part with my bookcase, and all of my jewelry is also packed up in there. I am looking for a little desk to put all of my supplies and bills and whatnot on to store so I can pull my jewelry out and put on my dresser.

I have such an amazing tribe of people who have come out and offered comfort, cuss words, and love. A friend from high school has sent continuous streams of music, a girl that lived on my floor freshman year of college sent me money to get a pedicure, and it’s just been phenomenal.

To all of you who left such kind comments of comfort last week, thank you!! I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life, near and far.

anxiety attack – spent 15 minutes like this

Baby has been an emotional mess all week, throwing up and soft pooping everywhere. Her anxiety ratcheted because of his decision. He never considered the impact it would have on our dogs. She has finally started calming down a bit. I do enjoy going back to how we used to be. She comes and crawls in bed and cuddles with me and will sleep through the night. She LOVES the new roommate. I found them curled up on the couch asleep one day when I came home.

Tuesday I went out searching for a new bed. I had just planned on buying a new mattress, but then I saw the awesomeness that we have in bed technology today. SO I SPLURGED SEVEN GRAND and bought myself a GOOD bed. I’m not spending $600 on the road anymore. I needed this but have been putting it off because my little bedroom was only supposed to be temporary until May…but now that’s not happening, SO. I did one BIG thing towards my 2018 word: ME. I bought an adjustable massaging Temperpedic with cooling technology. I can’t wait for it to be delivered and installed!

I’ve been saying for a few weeks that I wanted to get extensions, so on Wednesday I went to FOUR salons to get options and opinions. The first was horrible. I walked out after my stylist left for lunch during my appointment and I waited for 20+ minutes for another one to come in and see me. I was so hopeful I’d walk out with beautiful hair. Only to learn at the shortest 7-8 weeks and possibly 5 months for my hair to grow out in order to do it. Of course, the most expensive salon was the one that gave me the most hope and the stylist was SO super sweet and even shaped up my hair. She was the only one who offered to help with my hair crisis. I think I will definitely be going back to see her mid-May. Even though I’m sad my hair is even shorter (and is an old lady cut), I’m glad something constructive was done with it. My hair looked like the one on  top (left), except way shorter. I just want it to grow out!

On Wednesday I also splurged even more on myself. I was in the area, so I stopped in at my bra place. I’ve been going to this place for almost 17 years because they are the only store in the area that actually does bras right and carries my size. A lot of people think the bigger the band size, the bigger the cup. NO. That’s not how it works. This store imports from the UK, which does clothing right. With the bra club, you buy six and get the seventh at a significant discount. I had already bought some in August, so I was close to hitting my sixth. I only paid $3 for my seventh bra!

Thursday and Friday I helped a family friend clear out and organize her stamp room. She is so awesome. She can literally do anything. She sews and quilts, she scrapbooks, she runs the family farm business, she does vinyl and shirts and stuff, she makes homemade cutesy cards and invitations. We emptied about 20 or so tubs and crates and got her room organized in a way that she can start going through things still has space. I’m not going to lie, it was hard work!

Saturday morning I went to the memorial for my friend who died the day after my birthday – the one I was going to see the next day. It was such a beautiful service. The final photo they showed in the slideshow was from her wedding day where she was getting into the car and waving at the camera. The music was wonderful and it was the perfect memorial service for her.

Saturday night was my brother’s birthday/deployment party. My middle brother, who used to be stationed in Hawaii and is now stationed in Kentucky, came in to surprise us at the party. It was a good time spent with my family.

I didn’t do any reading whatsoever this week. I hate that, but I also needed to not read. This is still my next book and I am excited to read this story of the competing chocolate families. I also didn’t blog or do anything in my bullet journal, either.

I don’t know if I’ll meet my Reading Assignment goal for this month….but that’s OK. Today I plan to get caught up with the blog and do some April planning in my bullet journal. 

  • Monday
    • Review ~ Wallflower Most Wanted
  • Tuesday
    • Top Ten Tuesday ~ Books on My Spring TBR
    • Teaser Tuesday & Intro ~ A Devil in Scotland
  • Wednesday
    • WWW Wednesday
    • My Favorite ~ Hobby Next to Reading
  • Thursday
    • Beyond the Books ~ TBD
  • Friday
    • Book Blogger Hop ~ 3.23.18

Check back soon!



11 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Onward!

  1. Onward is the right attitude right now. I am glad to hear you and your pups are getting back to normal. One day you will look back on this time of your life and laugh. Hopefully that is soon.
    Have a great week and happy reading!

    • I will look back and laugh. Maybe just because of the childishness? Even though we spent 3.5 years together – and I and everyone else thought we would get married – I’m over it. I just feel dead inside. Pissed at his petulance, but totally moving forward.

  2. It could be so much worse, Charlie – you could have ended up married to him! I am so sorry at the horrible way he went about things, but in truth, I think you’ve had a lucky escape. I hope the dear little dog calms down soon – I love the sound of that new bed:). Take care and all the best. Hugsxxx

  3. Sounds like you have the right attitude! Onward and taking care of yourself. I definitely agree that it sounds like something is going on there other than just plain incompatibility. Unless you’ve been vandalizing the house or leaving dead rodents outside the front door (I’m going to assume you’re not though I wouldn’t blame you) his level of defensiveness seems out of proportion. Plus I’d think someone in law enforcement would understand how residency law works. Hope this week is going better for you and I’ve got some bed envy! The new bed sounds amazing!

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