Sunday Post ~ A Smooth Week

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Y’all. I don’t know what it is, if it really is the effects of having the CPAP or what, but this week was such a smooth and easy-going week. Besides the constant rain and gray days, which are driving me crazy. It feels like I’m living in Oregon where it rains all the time. Friday was the first day we saw any sunlight.

On Tuesday morning we had our department meeting and it was the only day this week I didn’t feel with it. I had my head down the whole meeting listening and responding, and I seriously considered going home after it. Good thing I didn’t because I had my evaluation that day. It was a bit of a storm with entirely new stations, so we’ll see how it all turned out. Overall, I think it went really well for being my co-teach class full of SPED and 504 students.

I had a bunch of students show up to fix grades this week, which has become an increasing issue. I was so proud of them – and the drastic change in their grades. I also called several parents this week. Let me say on behalf of all educators – especially middle school – we hate making phone calls. It is time-consuming and sometimes we can’t get a parent off the phone. You never know what you’re going to get, either. There have been certain parents that have required another individual present to dispute crazy parent claims. I wasn’t looking forward to the little list I had made up, especially since most of them were regarding bad behavior or some serious backpedaling academically. But they all turned out really good. The one phone call I was dreading the most did bring my AP to my door to talk about it, but it was an issue the student is having school-wide. He encouraged me to continue building a relationship with this kid because it is desperately needed. I felt really good after that conversation and the support he showed in standing up for me. And that student? The rest of the week the kid was super amazing, attitude was nonexistent, and the kid showed up to take care of failing and missing grades and we got the backpack organized and squared away and a plan made up for next week to address the math and social studies grades that weren’t so good. It felt awesome to see such a good change and we had some really good conversations. I even let him come watch me do my blood sugar check on Friday because he had asked me about glucose and sugar and carbs earlier in the week when we did a vocabulary routine and used “photosynthesis” and its process to remind them of the real term and its meaning.

Mid-week we completely changed what we were doing on Thursday and Friday. I was VERY against letting my students do these new stations at their own pace, but it worked out beautifully. We’re going to finish those stations on Monday and push back our mystery games (a bank robbery and a murder).

I felt really good about this past week. The only down is something is up with The Man’s phone and I didn’t hear much from him all week. :/ It’s like the same thing that happened with my phone two Thanksgivings ago. Sometimes technology stinks.

I struggled a bit this week getting in my reading. The only time of the day I have is at the end of the day when I crawl in bed. Usually I play my games on my phone and then read, but most nights this week I didn’t even finish my games because I was so tired. I’ve been catching up this weekend with A Devil in Scotland. So far I am loving it! The plot is interesting, and the previous book’s plot revolving around Lattimer and the Duke of Dunncraigh has surfaced in this book. Dunncraigh and his son are at the heart of what Callum MacCreath believes happened to his late brother. Knowing what I already do about the Duke of Dunncraigh, I am inclined to believe in Callum’s suspicions.

NetGalley got me. I was invited for a new tour, so I went ahead and checked out my auto-approved list and selected a few new books. Bad idea, I know, given I really want to improve my ratio.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ A Smooth Week

  1. I’m delighted that your sleep patterns are improving – it has taken Himself quite a long time before that has translated into him actually feeling more proactive and revitalised, but he was suffering extreme sleep interruptions (52+ an hour) and he does shift work. I’m glad that overall your week was a good one – and I hope you get a LOT more sunshine during the coming days:).

  2. Yesterday was my day not to feel with it. I think I’m getting sick. 😦 I am glad you have been feeling better. That is awesome that you saw a turn around in the the kid having issues. I hope it continues. It sounds like you had a great week overall. I hope this week will be a good one for you as well! 🙂

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