Chit Chat – February 2018

I missed A LOT of days in February. I had so many medical appointments and then I was sick again. :/

I had my sleep study at the beginning of the month, and then went back the following night for the titration testing. I’ve had a CPAP three weeks and I love it. My doctor was right – I definitely feel the benefits later in the day. I’m no longer tired and falling apart like I used to be. I lost six pounds in the 10 days after first getting the CPAP! I’m hoping some weight continues to fall off.  My A1C also went down. I keep being praised and told 6.2 is awesome, but I do really want it maintained under 6.0.

I spent more time with my bullet journal in February than I think I did in January. I set up not only my March pages, but I also went back and created several of my collections I planned for in January but never touched. I love how some of them turned out! I still have a few more to do, and I hope to do those by spring break.

My yearbook kids are working diligently to make progress and submit pages. We’ve submitted 19 pages to date, and I have at least 8 I need to proof and go over with a fine-tooth comb and then submit. We are totally stressing because we have only two weeks left…and 45 pages to go. We’ll get it done though. They have really pulled together in the last two weeks.


Average Rating:     4
Pages Read:             1,262
Favorite Book:       The Rogue is Back in Town

December – 1,082 | January – 1,886 | February – 1,324 


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I’ve made a little progress in February. I really want to beef up my NetGalley progress in March. Winter BINGO is over and I’ll be joining Spring BINGO.

I hope to make a fair dent in my upcoming list to help me sock away some alphabet letters and NetGalley choices. My goal for Take Control of Your TBR is 9 books.


How are you doing on your goals and resolutions?

7 thoughts on “Chit Chat – February 2018

  1. I hope you are feeling better, Charlie. I am glad the CPAP is working well for you! I have been lax with my bullet journal as of late. fell out of the rhythm this past month for about a week and just haven’t been able to fully recover. Hopefully this month will go better. I hope you have a great March!

  2. Glad the CPAP is working out for you! My mother’s husband has one and apparently it was life changing for him. It’s amazing how much better you feel and how much more you can get done when you’re actually getting some sleep! That’s awesome about spending more time with your bullet journal. Love seeing your spreads!

  3. I am happy 2018 is starting out healthier for you. Sleep is so important–I know just last night’s stupid daylight savings time change made me feel so out of it today with the change in sleep schedule.

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