Beyond the Books ~ Kids & Social Media


Beyond the Books is a weekly meme hosted by Karen @ KissinBlueKaren. Each week features a new topic (mostly non-bookish). This meme is a fun, social weekly post.

This Week’s Topic:

Kids & Social Media – Rules, Your Thoughts, Is It Changing Kids for the Better, etc.


Like all things, in moderation is best. Too much of a good thing can have negative consequences. I think there is too much of a wide array of social media and other duplicitous apps out there to hide kids’ content from parents and send files, photos, locations, and more “anonymously”.


The Rules

My kids are not getting cell phones until they are 12-14. I want to ensure they have a strong family foundation and I have the time and opportunity to teach them the appropriate and proper ways to interact and respond in person as well as online. You also have to teach your children about online safety, cyberbulling, and also teach how to be a strong, self-confident individual independent of social media.

  • Screen time is monitored and limited.
  • They cannot download an app without approval.
  • The only social media apps my kids will be allowed to have are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There will be no Snapchat or other strange apps to send content to other users.
  • They have to share their passwords with me.
  • I will do random phone checks. The first time a password does not work, phone goes to jail.
  • All electronics plugged in to the charger in my bedroom at 8:30 pm. (Yes, that means my kids will learn how to use an actual alarm clock.)

The Research 

  •  There is research that social media is affecting our brains, particularly its plasticity (the way the brain grows and changes after experiencing different things).
  • Positive attention on social media (“likes”) shows significantly greater activation in parts of the brain’s reward circuitry. This is the same thing in our brain that reacts to a photo of a loved one. This can lead to positive and negative peer influences.
  • Social media and other screen time can be addictive.
  • The social interaction with others is dying out as social media interaction replaces face-to-face. Subtle gestures and facial expressions are like a new language to read and speak.
  • Social media can cause teens to lose touch with their family foundation as they attach more and more to their peers.

Here is a really good resource on monitoring your child’s social media.

4 thoughts on “Beyond the Books ~ Kids & Social Media

  1. Great post. I think a lot of people are not really aware of the research on the way social media use is negatively affect people in general and kids in particular. Any time I mention something about social media or technology overuse, people respond with a variation of “Well I don’t do that!” When research shows that *most* teens, for instance, spend nine hours a day online NOT doing school-related work, it seems hard to believe I’m always talking to the few people this doesn’t apply to! I think we can all think more carefully about how we use technology.

  2. I wasn’t fully aware of the research, and I still feel that I’m not. I just know a few more things now. When the “selfies mean your narcissist” articles started coming out, I totally believed it and the psychology behind it. I shared it all over the place. So many people disagreed with me…and yet, they shared selfies of themselves more than once a day. We think we aren’t the statistic, but we really are.

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