Sunday Post ~ The Week of Sleep Studies

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I felt so crummy last Sunday that I took Monday off. That night I had my long-awaited in-lab sleep study in Temple. It went well and I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, as The Man and I have known for the last two years. I had Tuesday off for the previously scheduled sleep latency testing throughout the day, which was then cancelled because I did meet the criteria for apnea. The weather was a constant grey and it rained and drizzled on and off.

I took a nap when I finally got home. I woke up to a phone call from the sleep lab that if I could come in that night or the next night I wouldn’t be charged a second $1500 sleep study fee for the night with the CPAP mask and getting the pressures right and the best mask for me. I didn’t want to wait two weeks for that next sleep study, and I’d be saving $1500, so I had to do it. I packed up and drove back to Temple. I ate a small meal at Taco Bell, went for a walk around Kohl’s and bought some new jeans, and headed to the sleep lab. I was waiting for an hour before they said they had to cancel all appointments that night due to emergency plumbing issues. I already had Wednesday off, so they sent me to Waco’s sleep lab. It took me an hour to get there with construction (that has literally been going on my entire life along that stretch of I35) and the rainy weather. They set me up and didn’t want to wake me up the next morning because I was sleeping so well.

Thursday I went back to work. My kids were surprisingly well-behaved throughout the entire day. I was able to get their grades updated while they moved on with the next assignment. I couldn’t hear anything out of my left ear. I felt like it was filled with cotton. Since I didn’t have any ear pain, I wasn’t sure it was an ear infection. I thought it was the viral infection coming to full strength. On Friday morning I went to my diabetes class and learned some more interesting things. Another thing I definitely need to work on is my cholesterol.

I had a realization at my diabetes class. I was very against my doctor sending me to this 2 hour class…that then turned out to be an entire series of classes. But I am learning so much I didn’t know and getting to hear the success stories of others and it has made me change my focus from the challenges I’m still struggling with to the goals I’ve been meeting and ignoring. My instructor told me she knows I am the perfectionist and striving for every single thing to exceed expectations and I’m ignoring the successes I do have. It’s hard to see the trees for the forest in my case. I have lost 5 pounds this week and didn’t even think to acknowledge that success. We are our own worst critics. I said 2018 is the year for ME and I have my own self-care goals to work on. This is one more step in a good direction.

That afternoon I saw my doctor for a follow-up with lab work. He checked my ears and confirmed I had double ear infections. Meanwhile, The Man has been home all week with strep throat. We are quite a pair right now.

I picked up my CPAP on Friday after the appointments and I slept for a glorious 12 hours Friday night! I am so excited about the changes this will bring to my life.

I finally finished A Wedding at Two Love Lane. I’m still ruminating over my thoughts about it. The second half or so of the book was predictable, unplausible, and too neat.

I started reading Five Days, Five Kisses by good friend Angela Carling. I am hoping to finish it and able to write my review in time for Valentine’s Day or shortly after.

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Should I host a giveaway for my birthday this month?



18 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ The Week of Sleep Studies

  1. I’m so happy you finally got diagnosed, Charlie! That must feel so good. I wonder if I might have a light sleep apnea myself. I was tested years and years ago, but with no conclusion. However, I sleep with my fitbit now, and my sleep is really erratic, with only 40 minutes per night of deep sleep. And I feel pretty tired very often.
    I hope the CPAP will continue doing wonders for you, and that you and the man will both be healthy before the new week starts.
    I hate predictable and too neat endings… Good luck with your review-writing for that one.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

    • I feel like a weight has been lifted. I know my quality of life will be improving and I’m so excited to see what that looks like. I’ve been noticing very similar reports with my sleep patterns from my FItbit. You most likely do have mild sleep apnea. Ask your doctor. Just these past two days with the CPAP I have felt better throughout the day.

  2. I’m so happy that you were able to get some good sleep this week!!! =) And that your diabetes classes are going well. A 5-pound weight loss is awesome, too!!! I’m sorry The Man has strep and you have an ear infection. =( I hope you have a good week next week!

    • I was surprised I was able to sleep in the two labs as well as I did. Usually I get a little wigged out sleeping in new surroundings. When I moved into my bungalow house in 2014, it took me months to adjust. Being all hooked up and all wasn’t that distracting. I have slept great the past two nights!

  3. I’m delighted that you have finally got a successful diagnosis – your diabetes classes sound really interesting, but Himself was told that his pre-diabetic condition was probably caused by his sleep apnea and even now, 9 months after his diagnosis, I am still seeing an improvement in his overall energy and zest for life. He had struggled with severe apnea for years and his mask has certainly improved the situation, but it is taking time. I hope the coming week is a much better one, Charlie:)

    • I am so happy. I am learning some interesting things in my diabetes class, and I have had an odd mixture of classmates. My pulmonologist said that poor quality sleep (Iike I had) plays a large factor in impacting your metabolism. I’m looking forward to those changes. I hope you have a great week!

      • Oh yes – I fully concur with your pulmonologist – Himself was more or less functioning on autopilot. It’s been lovely watching him gradually coming back to the man I married over the last year…

  4. Glad to hear you are diagnosed and the CPAP is working for you. Looks like your pups don’t have a problem at all:) My brother-in-law had it really bad and the CPAP worked wonders for him.

    My Sunday Post

  5. I am so glad to hear you are getting good sleep now. My Miguel uses a Cpap and it has helped him so much. I never minded his snoring but he would wake up sometimes and not get more than a few hours of interrupted sleep before having the Cpap.
    There is a lot to learn about diabetes. I am glad you are gleaning information about your health from the class.
    I don’t know if you should host a giveaway for your birthday. I know a lot of people like giveaways but it seems odd to do a giveaway for your special day. A lot of blogger do it though. If you can afford it, then host one.
    Have a great week Charlie!

    • Me too! I have heard so many great success stories and I have been so frustrated the last two years waiting. My snoring was atrocious according to The Man (although according to the studies, not severe or heroic – their words) and there have been several times in the last year and a half that I’ve woken myself up snoring, both laying down and sitting propped on the couch. I’ve decided not to host another giveaway. I just want to enjoy my day with my people.

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