Chit Chat – January 2018

I lost a whole week of January, and it still seemed like it kind of drug along. The first week back was a slow transition into teacher workdays. All of our regularly scheduled meetings and meetings and meetings were cancelled. One of our SPED paras passed away on NYE night. He was such an amazing, wonderful man. Almost our entire campus attended his memorial service.

The next week my partner was sick and then hospitalized. I was going out of my mind because they could not get her body regulated. I was terrified she was going to die.

Then the next week we had MLK day followed by an ice day. Then I was sick with the flu that then turned out not to be the flu but some other unidentified thing. I was out basically the whole week.

I went to my first diabetes class and learned in just my Whataburger meal alone I’m eating 3-4 times the amount of carbs I should be consuming in one meal. Did you know a roll from Texas Roadhouse (or other comparable steakhouse) is TWO of your three allowed carbs?!?! Y’all. I’m gonna die. My entire food group is carbs…and ground beef. Girl likes her hamburgers. I am trying to really watch my portions and also what time I eat. I have three more classes to go to.

I thought I was going to get all my credit card debt paid off this month by transferring my balance to the credit card I have a 5.99% lifetime APR on. NO. That was false. A lie. While I still would have taken advantage of that offer at the time, it did not specify that it was in fact not for my lifetime, but the lifetime of that balance transfer. I was kind of pissed after being so positive and hopeful that I was finally going to get everything squared away, especially since I have to buy tires this month. I was going to use my income tax refund to pay for that and put the rest on my loan payments. That won’t be happening. I do feel a little better though. My laptop will be paid off this summer and I only have about $1800 left on one of my loans, so there will be more money I keep come summertime. I did change up what Plexus Products I am purchasing and dropped the cost by $50. If I still am not seeing improvements by June (1 entire year taking the products), I am going to cancel it all.

I have also been losing my mind over UIL. I’m the coordinator for my school and we had a pitiful turnout this year. So many of our kids didn’t show up to the competition. Next year my school hosts the competition and we brainstormed some ideas to put in place for next year to be better. I am starting to also see small gains with yearbook. We have 6 pages submitted and several almost ready to go. We need to work on some more!


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November Visits – 1,547 |  | December – 1,082  | January – 1,886


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I was out of the starting gate at a blast when January started, and then I ran out of steam somewhere around the 15th. I’ll have to kick it up this month.

I didn’t make too big of a dent in January like I had hoped, but with UIL now over I am going to crank up the reading!


How are you doing on your goals and resolutions? 

17 thoughts on “Chit Chat – January 2018

    • I learned Tex Mex (or any Mexican) is the worst places to eat if you’re diabetic. I am working on cutting out buns and bread where I can, like my hamburgers. I just wanted to put my head down in that class. Why? The pasta and the tacos and burritos? At least I an have queso. 🙂

  1. I love your dog – the cuteness!!!!

    I’m gonna go take a look at some of your other posts you linked to – a lot of them look interesting!

    Hope your year picks up for the better!


  2. You had a rough start to the year—I’m so sorry! I know it’s hard trying to change your diet; I’m in a similar boat. Not diabetes but weight and also my inflammation levels are high due to an autoimmune disorder. So I’ll be cheering you on, and I’d appreciate if you’d send a few positive thoughts my way, too!

    • I most definitely will! I am going to get with a coworker (hopefully soon) and learn about this keto dieting her family has been doing. She’s lost 30 pounds and her husband has lost 40 since around November-ish. Trying to make small choices and changes so I can then make bigger steps. Otherwise I won’t make it, and I know that about myself.

  3. I really hope February is a much better month for you! I seriously love your bullet journal! I have an instagram (@asplannedbytina) just for my bullet journal if you ever want to follow it. I fall down the rabbit hole of bujogram so much.

    I hope February is much better for you so I’m sending tons of good vibes your way!

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

    • Oh, definitely! I get a lot of inspiration from other people. I love just looking at other people’s bullet journals. It’s like the new Pinterest! I am trying to be more mindful in my planning of my bujo this year than I was last year. I hope February turns out better, too!

  4. I’m so sorry that your household was full of sickness and being hospitalized for one is super scary and no one wants to ever experience that. Keep up with your nutritional classes. I’m thinking you might also like a cooking class that will help you fill up your plate with tasty veggies to replace some of your carbs. Life diet changes are not easy so best to you for success.

    • I know. My (work) partner and I just realized that between our two households (her spouse and kid, and my The Man), someone has literally been sick every single week of 2018. We are definitely Cloroxing everything at home and school this week. I think I probably should take a cooking class – or actually have appointments with the dietitian outside my diabetes class, which is what I originally thought I’d be getting. I was doing OK for a while, and I’ve kind of fallen off. Ugh.

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