Beyond the Books ~ Foods Reminding Me of Childhood


Beyond the Books is a weekly meme hosted by Karen @ KissinBlueKaren. Each week features a new topic (mostly non-bookish). This meme is a fun, social weekly post.

This Week’s Topic:

What are some foods that remind you of your childhood? 

One of my favorite comfort foods to this day is one from my childhood. I will eat it any time of the year, regardless of weather. Spring, summer, or winter because that’s all we have here in Texas. Beanie weenies were a cheap eat that my mom would make for my brother and me when we lived in the old house. Today, I make it using one can of Van Camp’s Pork and Beans, trying to pull out the little fat chunk, and three to four hot dog weenies (depending on brand and thickness).

Another easy breakfast food that was quissential to our household from the time I went to kindergarten til the day I graduated were Kellog’s Eggo waffles. When my aunt’s family lived with us (fifteen people total in a three bedroom, one bath house), we went through the big box of 64 count waffles in one week. What I love so much about Eggo waffles is who I shared them with: my Granny. She was my caretaker and taught me how to do so many things, from tying my shoes in second grade to cutting waffles in third fourth grade. Then my older cousin taught me an easier way to cut my waffles – like a pizza! I still cut them that way today. We didn’t have central air or heat (and my parents still don’t), so when it was cold out we would close off the kitchen and it was Grand Central Station of the house. We’d spend most of our time there with the oven heating the room, so it was effortless and convenient to pop in a handful of waffles. Somehow she cooked them perfectly, a degree to which I still can’t replicate. Whenever I eat waffles, I think of Granny.

Another cheap eat my grandmother discovered was Banquet’s Family Size turkey with gravy. It would feed me and my brothers. It was easy to make and eventually I would pop it in the oven and make a huge pot of instant mashed potatoes. We lived for turkey dinner nights and would argue over getting the little “butt” of the turkey (if there was one) because it was a thick slice. A couple times a year I will go searching for this turkey at the grocery store (Walmart doesn’t carry it, but HEB does). It is very hard to find now, so if I am looking and stumble upon it I will buy it up and make with mashed potatoes and a cold glass of milk.

I was a crack addict over Banquet’s pot pie. My mom only bought the turkey ones, and we loved them. It was another cheap and easy meal that didn’t require hardly any clean up or dirty dishes. Now I realize how tiny and slim-stuffed they are and think they must be designed for kids.

5 thoughts on “Beyond the Books ~ Foods Reminding Me of Childhood

  1. Looks like we ate a lot of the same stuff growing up. LOL I still eat some of these. Malt-O-Meal was another favorite of mine.

  2. Oh yeah, I totally remember eating Banquet’s turkey dinner. We ate a lot of frozen meals pre-microwave oven. We never got Eggo waffles, and I still don’t think I have ever tried them. You are making me hungry for them now though.
    Thanks for playing along this week Charlie!

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