Sunday Post ~ School Returns

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I spent my last few days of the break cleaning up around the house and handling the hot mess train wreck that became my suitcase. I refolded everything, put some things back in the closet or drawers…and found my cholesterol medicine that I didn’t even realize I haven’t been taking. Ooops!

I went back to work on Thursday and The Man’s parents were supposed to fly in at 11 AM. They called on Tuesday afternoon to tell him their airport got 2 feet of snow and it is closed until January 10th. Their entire trip was cancelled. I was very disappointed. This will be the first time we’ve seen his dad since he started his chemo, and only the second time I’ve seen his stepmom. They’re rescheduling their trip for April. Despite the delay, it was a slight relief. The house is overflowing with The Man’s crap and my crap. We need a larger house where we can convert a bedroom to an office space. Right now, the drying rack is currently parked at the front door. Needless to say, it would take a mammoth burglar to actually make it into the house.

At the same time, I had an epiphany. I quit using my bullet journal in September. I hated that I quit, and I tried in November to get back to it but I was just too overwhelmed. Plus, there’s now SO MUCH. I realized part of the problem is that it is a disaster. I have stuff shoved into two backpacks, which was not the plan. One was specifically for my laptop. The massive disorganization was a deterrent and I can’t cart all of it back and forth during the week and for the weekend. It’s just too much, so I took myself to WalMart and bought some tubs, a craft bag, and a huge carpet bag that I thought everything would fit in. It doesn’t…the craft bag doesn’t fit inside, but it was a massive improvement. Then I decided I might ditch the containers and use them for something else. I went online to find a colored pencil and marker case. By mid-week I should be entirely set up and able to get back in business on the weekly, which is one of my goals for the year.

I went back to work on Thursday. It was a sobering morning. One of our SPED paraprofessionals spent his last day on Earth on the last day of 2017. He passed in his sleep on New Year’s Eve. All of our professional development and meetings were cancelled. It was unreal to imagine this sweet, kind, Godly man not being with us any longer. It is still hard to sink in. I was struggling with emotions. Being surrounded that first morning by crying coworkers, I couldn’t cry. And I cry at weddings! I think it is due to the medication. On Friday almost our entire campus showed for his memorial and I did shed some tears there. It still seems unreal.

The kids return on Monday, and my partner and I have until mid-February planned out. That will help me out a lot with the yearbook crunch coming. It also  gives us time to revamp our spring PBL project and make it better.

I have all of my new challenge pages squared away, and I’ve read my first book of the new year. I went back to my Goodreads Challenge and updated my one DNF book from last year. I have always marked my DNFs as read if I read more than 25% of the book. I think my reasoning at the time in September (which is why I had zero books read in September) was that I would try again, so I never marked it. The more I think on it, the less inclined I am to go back and finish the last half of that book.

I still have five reviews to write that I thought I would have written by now. I am moving on to the rest of the Fandom Hearts series before picking up my first NetGalley pick of the year.

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This is what tomorrow will be…


5 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ School Returns

  1. I am sorry you in-laws visit had to be cancelled because of the weather. And I am even sorter for the sudden loss of your colleague. What awful news to come back to. It sounds like he was a great person. I hope today goes well at school. My daughter is back to school this week as well. Yesterday was hard, saying goodbye to her grandmother who had to head home. She’s got a week full of doctor’s visits and then he surgery on Friday. I wish I could be there for her. It’s killing my that I can’t be.

    I started a bullet journal. It’s a work in progress, but so far so good. I haven’t incorporated work into it, but I’ve considered it.

    Happy upcoming blog anniversary! I hope you have a great week, Charlie.

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