Beyond the Books ~ Blogging Goals for 2018


Beyond the Books is a weekly meme hosted by Karen @ KissinBlueKaren. Each week features a new topic (mostly non-bookish). This meme is a fun, social weekly post and I’m so glad that Karen has brought it back. I decided to join in and it turned out to be the week she discontinued it in 2016.

This Week’s Topic:

Blogging Goals for 2018



  1. Get my NetGalley percentage up to 20%
  2. Read 50 NetGalley books this year
  3. Listen to 8 audiobooks this year
  4. Complete 8 challenges this year



  1. Write 1 bookish discussion post per month
  2. Write 1 bullet journal post per month
  3. Use bullet journal weekly



Upcoming Prompts: 

January 11- List your most popular posts (why do you think they got so much love)
January 18- List some interesting posts you have read lately (loved or hated)
January 25- Foods that remind you of childhood

6 thoughts on “Beyond the Books ~ Blogging Goals for 2018

  1. Good luck with all your goals and challenges! I look forward to your BuJo posts. I use one myself, but I’m inconsistent and not at all artsy, so I don’t post my spreads… but I love to look at them. And best of luck with your NG backlog. Mine’s higher than I’d like, too (the backlog, I mean; my percentage is lower than it should be.) Here’s to both of us meeting our goals for the year!

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