Challenges for 2018

This year I said I was going to par down my challenges, but this year I am actually doing the most challenges I’ve ever done since I started blogging five years ago. I wanted my focus this year to be more honed to addressing my NetGalley needs, so I found a few that will hold me more accountable to tackling that task. Then I threw in a few just for fun.

I’m really bad about linking up monthly or quarterly throughout the year. I don’t think I’ve ever kept up with that, so I am going to also work on that this year, too.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Goal: 50 books

I missed my 2017 goal by ONE book, so I might bump this back up to 52. I can’t decided yet.


Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

Goal: 26 books

I think this year might be my year! I spent the time to make a list for each letter of the alphabet.


A to Z Reading Challenge

Goal: 26 books

This one goes along with the Alphabet Soup Challenge. They’re both the same challenge, so why not?


Audiobook Challenge

Goal: 8 audiobooks

I met my goal of 6 audiobooks last year, so I am hoping to add a couple more to the list. I’m working up to eventually listening to one a month!


Bookish Resolutions Challenge


  • Get my NetGalley percentage up to 20%
  • Read 50 NetGalley books this year
  • Listen to 8 audiobooks this year
  • Complete 8 challenges this year
  • Write 1 bookish discussion post per month
  • Write 1 bullet journal post per month
  • Use bullet journal weekly


Broc’s Bookcase Bookopoly

Goal: Try new things!

OK. My goal in filling my board is 50-75%.


Discussion Challenge

Goal: 12 discussions

This is my first time participating in three years, so I’m a little nervous!


Full House Reading Challenge

Goal: Fill the squares

This is a just for fun challenge. If I can fill a square based on my what I’ve already chosen to read, great.


Mount TBR Reading Challenge

Goal: 60 books

This challenge is replacing Shelf Love and also goes hand in hand with my goal for NetGalley.


NetGalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge

Goal: 50 books

This is my big goal of the year. Last year I hit 33, but I also wasn’t trying too terribly hard until the end of the year.


Reading Assignment Challenge

Goal: 12 books (2 per month)

This is a totally new to me challenge. I am joining to ensure I am reading at least two books from my list every month.


Bookish Bingo – Winter

Goal: Fill the squares

This is another just for fun challenge. I’ve been doing it for a couple years now.


Chapter Break BINGO

Goal: Fill the squares

I love participating in this monthly BINGO. It is just for fun and I’ve been playing for a year (or more?). You can use a book for more than one square, too!

COYER Winter Switch

Goal: 20 books

13 thoughts on “Challenges for 2018

  1. Nice bunch of challenges. I see you’re also doing the Alphabet Soup one. I’m going to be adding a couple more challenges and will check out some of these. Good Luck!

  2. That’s a lot of challenges! But many of them look like fun. I’m keeping mine pretty basic this year: the Goodreads challenge, The Backlist Reader Challenge (which I host), the Blogger Shame challenge for older review copies I haven’t reviewed yet, and an open-ended Newbery Medal challenge. I might add one for fantasy and/or for mysteries, but that’s it except the occasional short-term challenge. Otherwise, I just can’t keep up!

  3. That’s a lot of challenges! But if you like challenging yourself, why not right?
    I’m going to try and read 150 books this year, also joining Beat the Backlist and I started my second bullet journal! My first one ended up being ignored after two months so I’m hoping I’m going to do better this time around.

    Happy reading!

  4. Good luck with all of your challenges. I didn’t sign up for too many – but the ones I DID choose were mostly focused on things I already wanted to do, like do more discussion posts (I’m in that challenge too!) and reading books I already own from years past.


  5. I was going to do one or two challenges and stick to that and then look what happened. LOL I have little impulse control these days. I wish you the best with all your challenges, Charlie!

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