2018 Bookopoly Challenge

The Bookopoly Challenge is hosted by Broc’s Bookcase.

 The Challenge:  

Try out new things in your reading life!


The Rules

This challenge will run from January 1 to December 31, 2018.

  • Create a sign-up post that includes the BINGO grid and sign up for the challenge. Also, introduce yourself in the comments.
  • You must read a different book for each “property.”
  • You don’t have to complete the board in order.
  • The Question Marks: These are Chance Challenges and the tasks are a mystery! These challenges will be posted on the following months and must be completed within the month.
    • February 1st
    • May 1st
    • August 1st
    • November 1st 
  • There will be numerous giveaways throughout the year you can enter depending on what you’ve completed.
  • There will be a wrap up post in December to share your progress and enter the EPIC giveaway!

My Squares

Final Book in Series – Game of Hearts 

Set in TX/USA – Cactus Rose

Set in Space



Free Read – Unmasking Juliet

Released Pre-2008


Character w/ Physical Illness/Disability – One True Pairing 


Includes Poems/Lyrics – My Lady Governess


Author from USA – Cactus Rose

Author’s Debut Book

Author You Want to Meet – A Devil in Scotland


2018 Release – Wallflower Most Wanted

Adapted to Movie/TV

Based on a Real Event


Book Gifted – Five Days, Five Kisses 

FREE Read 

Suggested by Friend


Less than 200 Pages


Over 400 Pages


Day/Month/Season in Title – Saturdays at Sweeney’s

Purple Cover – The Rogue is Back in Town

Only Text on Cover