Review: Chocolate Kisses and Love Filled Wishes


Title: Chocolate Kisses and Love Filled Wishes
Author: Linda West
Publisher: Morning Mayan Publishing
Release Date: February 2016
Length: 178 pages
Series?: Love on Kissing Bridge Mountain #3
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Summer and Brad are slated to get married but things go awry in Kissing Bridge! Brad’s younger sister, snowboarding champion, Kacey Anderson is forced to come home to heal from a bad accident. After being told she can no longer compete, she begins to train at home while still missing her beloved Olympic gold medalist boyfriend Brody Jenkins. Against doctor’s orders, she begins to regain her strength in the hopes of competing in the 2016 Olympics. When a young Climate Change activist enlists her help to bring awareness to the cause, Kacey begins to think that her future may be much different then she imagined.

Summer is forced back to LA to finish a modeling contract when the worst blizzard in decades hits their hometown. Unable to return, she can only suffer as she hears a fate worse than she can ever imagine is unfolding back home in Kissing Bridge Mountain.

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my review

My Thoughts 

The first thing I notice about a book after the cover is the synopsis on Goodreads/Amazon. Looking at the blurb for this book had a bunch of trash and unnecessary sentences that are not about the content of the book. Always a first clue that it most likely isn’t a well-developed book.

My thoughts were absolutely correct in that regard. The storyline is interesting – a young Olypmic hopeful suffering an injury, returning home. But there is no development of a true story here. Even the timeline of events is not believable. It is definitely something written as a novella instead of a novel. The story is rushed, there is no depth to the characters or events. Also, this book is marketed as a Christmas read, but there’s not really a Christmas background. There’s just snow. Snow does not equal Christmas.

The events of the book are pretty hokey, bordering on the unrealistic. I did like how the “save the earth” guy was found out and run off and the rescue scene at the end.

Additionally, the editors need to spend some quality time with this book. Both the developmental editor in helping get the storyline off the ground and the copy editor to proof for grammar, particularly for paragraphs, dialogues, and breaks within a chapter. It is difficult trying to figure out who is speaking what and when and then when there is a setting or time shift and there are no *** or line breaks to help readers determine the passage of time and new characters in the new scene. Readers’ brains shouldn’t hurt trying to figure out your book.

It was hard to determine who the MC was supposed to be because it keeps switching between Kacey and Summer. It seemed like two different book ideas (because again, undeveloped) mashed together into one piece of writing masquerading as a novel.

This is definitely not a romance read. I suppose it is better for young adults pining over a breakup because there wasn’t much more to the book besides that.


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