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This week has been a crazy mess, and it really shouldn’t have been since two days were testing days. My assistant principal was supposed to come at some point this week to do my observation since he didn’t come in the two weeks prior. Testing for two days really cuts down that timeframe. I was expecting he would show up on Monday or Tuesday and he never did. Friday my kids were presenting their books they’ve written in a gallery walk author reading event where other classes came in and mingled, going from book to book. That is the day he showed up, so I’m not sure what I’ll hear about my evaluation review. I spent all of Wednesday running to 8th-grade classes presenting our yearbook company photo contest and this year there is a scholarship! I was floored when that afternoon at the faculty meeting – where we met our new superintendent – that our counselor made a point to recognize me for that.

I had an unusual, rude encounter with a coworker on one of my trips to present to those 8th graders. One of my kids was still in the hallway several minutes after being sent to the testing lab. I came around the corner and our school psychologist was standing there chatting. I asked her if she would escort my kid the two doors down to the testing room and she gave me a fat slab of beef. Instead of just doing what I asked, which would have taken two minutes, she stood there trying to argue with me for five. I don’t know this kid. And can’t you do it? So you’re sloughing your job off on me? (That PISSED me off.) I finally said “I am supposed to be in 8th-grade classes for presentations more than five minutes ago. I just need you to do this ONE thing.” And I walked off to do my job. I am still astounded by the rude behavior because our campus prides itself on helping each other, and that is something set down by our principal.

Thursday my baby brother, 17, swore in to the Army in San Antonio. I was supposed to go, but my principal arranged for a 1/2 plan day for me and my partner and I just couldn’t. I was upset about not being able to go, but my oldest brother and my mom went. For my mom, it was a really important moment. This is her baby making the first real commitment of his life. In the afternoon my older brother sent a string of texts. They call your name a bunch of times for different things. Apparently, the last time was his actual swear in, which nobody knew because the Army does a wonderfully horrible job at scheduling things. I’m surprised they send out letters with information for the basic training graduations. Anyway, my brother walked in, did his swear in, and walked out and told them they could go home. My brother was livid that he took the whole day off and they sat in a waiting room. My mother was so upset that she didn’t get to see her baby swear in. Of course, she cried. Of course, my older brother was a jackass about it all the way home – over a 2-hour ride. And my youngest brother bawled in the backseat all the way home, feeling he let down my mom and disappointed her. I want to punch my oldest brother still days later, and I was glad my mom made a point to tell him part of the entire fiasco was his fault because he’s been through this THREE times, so he knows. She and my youngest brother don’t know how any of it works. I think my mom said there will be another one before he actually leaves, so hopefully we can get to see that one. This time with my grouchy “I never want to go to anything and then later I complain that I missed it” dad in tow.

That night it also snowed. It never snows in this region of Texas, and even when it does it is just a dusting on the ground. While we didn’t have legit snow like up north, some areas reported receiving four inches of snow! The kids at the basketball game all ran out front of the school and were running around. When I drove to The Man’s on Friday afternoon, down his way the snow cover was still on the ground and all the snowmen built in his neighborhood were still standing. My mom said when they got home from SA, my oldest brother was called in to work the roads, and so she and my youngest brother went out and played in the snow and he calmed down.

Cera undecorated the tree early in the week and destroyed everything she took off. And it was a lot just by looking at what is left on the tree. I am so upset about it, but it’s funny that she hasn’t touched anything since.

The craziest thing happened at the movies on Saturday night. The Man and I went to see Murder on the Orient Express. The instant the end faded to black for the credits, the couple on my right were bulldozing over me. I could not even sit up in my seat enough to pick up my purse off the floor. I couldn’t even find it in the pitch black! By dumb luck one finger grasped a handle and I brought it dangling up. Did that make them pause? NO. They were ON TOP of me. They were going to walk all over my purse and my hand, my legs and feet. I shoved out of the seat and up as fast as I could, making them stop. I was so disoriented in the dark I almost fell trying to walk to the stairs and then when I got to the stairs, and they were still a hair’s breadth from my back. I don’t get it. Who does that??? The Man has never been one to be a “hey you, asshole” boyfriend to jackasses in public and defend me (mostly because he’s never needed to), but he was ready to throw the both of them over the railings. There is nowhere you need to go that damn fast…unless you’re movie hopping without paying. If they had touched me, he would have stepped in for the defense of a third person for assault and would have called the local police. If they laid hands on him in retaliation, it would have been an automatic felony for assault of a disabled veteran and assault of a peace officer, both of which are felonies in our state.

Y’all! I am STILL reading Hope at Christmas! How is this possible? I just have had NO time to read and I hate that. I keep trying to read each night and I read one or two pages from my Kindle and then I am out. I wake up in the morning with my Kindle in bed with me. I have to finish reading it and start a new book today.

I wrote all of my outstanding reviews yesterday. It actually went by fairly quickly, although I did take a break halfway through that then slowed me down some when I came back to write.

AND – I have been lamenting this for months. I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing it, about how I hoped to at least reach 10% on NetGalley before the end of the year. YES, I know that seems so teeny tiny. But….when you have over 625 books it really puts that into perspective. AND I DID IT! After my first review I wrote on Saturday, I am sitting at 10%!!!! I can’t tell you how happy I was! I am hoping that by the end of February I have hit 15%.

10% NG.PNG

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Observation Done

  1. Sounds like a long week with work, snow, and your brother’s ceremony. Love the stockings for your pups and congrats on the Netgally rating. Happy reading and hope you have a great week!

  2. Ha! You SUV looks just like mine. I shared pictures too. They said Alabama wouldn’t get any snow East of 65 but I did! Love those leggins. Mine are so bright they hurt my eyes but I love to go shoping in them. LOL

  3. Sorry to hear you had a rough week. At least you got some kudos for your work on the yearbook. Congrats on getting yout Netgalley up to 10%. I can totally understand how that can get out of control. I hope this coming week is better for you.

  4. That sounds like a hard long week Charlie. Sorry to hear about your coworker being a complete ass and missing your brothers ceremony. That must have been so hard for you. I’m sending you a virtual hug!! Who knows.. maybe it will help. 😉
    Congrats on getting your Netgalley rating up and I hope this week will bet better for you.
    Happy reading!

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