Sunday Post ~ Week of Writing

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My students are in the middle of their PBL where they are writing their own folktale, fairytale, or fable. They do a class presentation on Monday for feedback and a presentation to 7th and 8th graders on Friday. This week has literally been the best week of my teaching career. I’ve had to do nothing but give the most basic instructions and release them to write. I was able to float around and help them work out issues with their plots and crafting great sentences.

This week was supposed to be my observation, but my appraiser never came. He sent an email late on Friday that he would be coming by next week. We are testing two days, and when I looked at the reservations for the computers I discovered my partner and actually don’t have them on Monday and Tuesday. We need them for the kids to do their protocol for feedback and editing. We only have 8 carts of 30 Chromebooks for our entire campus that serves 806 students. Every cart is reserved, so we’re going to have to scrounge from people to finish out our project.

Tuesday night is the night my partner and I stay late to plan. We are currently planned up to the first few weeks of January, so know it is a matter of going back and pulling the materials we need and getting them ordered. We are doing something brand new in the spring in terms of how the curriculum actually happens, so this coming week we have a half-day to plan ahead for that.

I had some time on Thursday evening and in preparation for being in and out of my classroom, I reorganized some things and carted a bunch of crap for yearbook down to my yearbook lab. I got that shit organized, dealt with my pictures fiasco. We have a network drive where all of our photos are archived, but the district is moving to entirely Google Chromebooks instead of laptops…so that process of uploading photos to our network drive is made 39847039849034 times harder. Thankfully I still have my laptop, so I let thing stockpile until I have time to do it on my laptop. I got the rest of our posters up and organized my desk and teaching table. I feel a little more prepared to get our ladder (yearbook pages planning) finished. My 15 staffers start on Monday and have 13 days to complete 32 pages to submit to the plant. I also made a deal with our agent and we are getting a new DSLR camera with lens kit!

My oldest brother volunteered to go on deployment to the Horn of Africa. I don’t know how long he will be deployed, but The Man says it is a vacation, not a deployment. The hardest thing you have to do is not get eaten by a lion, which he said there’s a briefing over. So, I hope that still holds true. It will an overall good experience for him and I hope help move along his divorce. My middle brother’s leave is up and on Tuesday he reports to his new base in Kentucky. My youngest brother, who is still 17, swears in for the Army on Thursday.

Since I was at school late on Tuesday (11:35 pm), Wednesday (6:00) and Thursday (11:30), I didn’t get too terribly much read this week. I am super bummed about it. I need to finish my current read and then write the five reviews that have piled up. But this week I did get my memes entered on the Linkys and get around to visiting and commenting. I kept my blog email inbox relatively cleared out. Since I got the new phone, I added my blog email back onto it. I took it off at some point last year because it literally stressed me out too much seeing that little red notification of 100+ for emails. I am doing it under the actual Google email app, so it doesn’t show any red icons. It’s there if I need it or have time to look at things, but I’m not constantly being reminded of things.


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7 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Week of Writing

  1. Ah, the joys of the end of the school-year. The group of teachers with whom I prepared the year-end exams for the 3rd year students have been a little testy lately. And I’m glad we have that done. My exams were handed in a couple of weeks ago, even if my students only have their exam on Monday next week. I felt so accomplished!
    I still need to prepare my spring semester, though. And I really should do it soon! Good luck getting chrome books for your students’ testing (I guess that’s kind of happening now, right?)
    Have a wonderful week.

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