Chit Chat – November 2017

The week of Halloween leading into the first few days of November saw me in Urgent Care and in extreme pain. incredible pain along my forearms, with huge welts under the skin. I was diagnosed with radial styloid tenosynovitis de quervain. The tendon from your thumb to your elbow is extremely inflamed, making even the smallest everyday activities excruciatingly painful. It is very limiting in what you can’t do – changing gears, carrying your purse, unhooking your bra, writing – anything you use your hands for. Of course, like always when you visit or call for the people who know how to fix things, your issue resolves itself miraculously quickly. Seriously, I caught my principal checking me out at our faculty meeting the following day trying to gauge me against the “if I can’t get dressed in the morning, I’m not coming to work” pain level complaint I gave him via text the night I went to Urgent Care because I totally was able to actually pick up a pen and write by that point. To anyone not abreast of the situation, I looked like a total liar.

I dealt with my ticket at the beginning of the month and realized how ignorant I am about how the system works. I think a course – even a short crash course – be given in high school. I’m an educated person and I felt like a complete idiot because I’m the good kid – I never get in trouble, so I don’t know the proper procedures with requests and timelines if you contest the citation. Screw my mom for raising me to be accountable and own up to my mistakes! Next time, though…not happening. Besides the fact that there shouldn’t be a next time, but people in this area CANNOT be trusted to 1) use their cruise control to regulate and maintain a constant speed and 2) actually drive the speed limit and not 15-20 below and 3) do #1 and/or #2 while also refusing to allow you to pass them and continue on your journey at the legal speed limit.

I met with my money man last month, too. I feel so smart saying that. I have a money man. We reviewed my existing Roth retirement (with a different company) and I felt much more comfortable with this individual and their policies and procedures regarding my money so I set up to transfer to this company. I have been paying into my Roth for 40 months and only accrued $111. That’s pitiful. What I really like about my money guy is he and his partner are trying to educate teachers on how the TRS (Texas Retirement System) for teachers works and what your retirement really looks like. Y’all, it’s a disgrace. I have been paying in for five years and my school district also puts in a paltry number and I have less than $15,000 in. BTW, I am forced to pay into this system – it is not optional. And it is the only retirement my school district will honor matching. Every year the percentage we as teachers must pay in increases. Again, not optional. And there is only one school district in all of Texas that pays into Social Security – so that is not an option during retirement years, either. But I am very nervous this money will not be there when I retire. The other thing I like about my money man is he is not just setting me up with this additional retirement; he is literally helping me map out a financial plan for life so that I am golden during retirement. I have another list of tasks to bring back to him before we meet again and I get better projections.

I got some really good news last month. Tests have come back good two years in a row. Since 2011, I have had to go three times per year to have cells monitored, and one visit per year was to have biopsies done. In 2015 there was a new test conducted showing the cells were worsening. I went into 2016 asking for action and preventative measures. I didn’t want to wait around for cancer to catch up with me. My body has regenerated good cells FINALLY on its own. I was told it would take two years – it took almost six! See the reason for worry? I am now two years in the clear and I kicked cancer to the curb. I pointed out to my mother that it’s ironic that my tests have come back good ever since being with The Man in a positive, nurturing relationship. There are many studies that tie mental and emotional health to physical health, and I believe this positive, supportive relationship has helped. That’s the only thing in my life that has changed. Now I am back to annual appointments.


Average Rating:     3.3
Pages Read:             1,597
Favorite Book:       Hope at Christmas

September Visits – 930  |  October Visits – 1,097 | November Visits- 1,547

I am SO glad I participated in the Black Friday Book Bonanza Giveaway Hop! I was on the fence about participating, and I am glad I did. I visited every blog participating in the hop giving away items, and I had a SURGE in visits, too. Like, look y’all! I haven’t had more than 1,200 visits since September 2016. It’s amazing – and I hope all the new readers and followers stay around now that the giveaway is over. Hiiiiiii!

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I’m a little sad there is only one more month to go on my challenges! I started really making some headway with my NetGalley challenge, and I am also really close with my Alphabet Soup challenge. Next year will be my year! I have already decided to drop one of my challenges, though, in hopes of focusing better on my NetGalley. 

Most of these are NetGalley books from this year and last year. There are a few Amazon books sprinkled in, but I’m trying to focus on my NetGalley books first. I really want to finish the year by 1) reaching 10% ratio for NG and 2) reading 35 books from my NG list.


How was your November? Do you already have your tree up? Have you completed your holiday shopping? 

13 thoughts on “Chit Chat – November 2017

  1. I’m glad to hear you are cancer free and doing better!!! That’s awesome!

    Our November was good but busy and a bit crazy. We have not decorated yet . . . hopefully this week. Who knows!

  2. I am so sorry about your arm! That sounds awful! And here I’ve been complaining about my Carpal Tunnel. I hope your problem is under control soon. I am so glad though your test results came back good! Definitely worth celebrating. I do think relationships and life stressors (or lack there of) can play a big part in our health.

    It sounds like you found a good money man! I am trying to remember if I have one–I think I do, but it’s been a couple years since I actually spoke with him.

    Your tree looks lovely. We got ours up last weekend. I haven’t got any presents under it yet. They’re all in the spare bedroom (or “Grandma’s room” as my daughter calls it). They are wrapped though. As of today.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Charlie!

  3. I’m only visiting everyone’s november wrap up posts today! Wow, am I late 🙂 but I’m here!

    Oh man, that sounds tough about the retirement taxes. I’m glad you’ve found someone to solve it for you.

    Your doggos are super cute 🙂

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