How Dare You, Goodreads!

I have been working furiously – well, as furious as a teacher who stays working at school until 8 pm (or later) most days and also is an events coordinator for the campus, oh and also is in charge of the hell that is yearbook (seriously, most ostracized group of students and teacher on any campus) – can. I was SO proud of myself for finishing two books over the Thanksgiving break and finishing a third earlier this week.

I knew that I was sitting at 44 books before finishing the one this week. That means I only have eight (really, seven) to go.


And then I actually LOOKED at my Goodreads Challenge tracker.


Do you know what that asshat said?!


“Three books behind schedule.”


How. Dare. You.

And then I quickly went through a series of emotions that looked something like…

All I can say about this is that Goodreads is being a dastardly “gentleman” and obviously lying, trying to pretend he is a slick, smooth snake charmer. Like, STFU Goodreads, you can’t math. I am NOT three books – or two, now – behind. Quit lying. Where’s yo momma at? I’m ’bout to get your momma on the phone. Let’s go. Where she at?


Do you ever feel pressured by your Goodreads tracker? 

14 thoughts on “How Dare You, Goodreads!

  1. haha, this really cracked me up. And yeah, goodreads tracker can be pressurizing. In my case, the please update progress always feels like a timer especially when I haven’t made much progress with a book. All the best with the 4. Great post!

  2. Haha! This post made me laugh. I have felt pressure from that stupid tracker. I did panic a few times looking at it, and then realize I never posted my review so it still thinks that book is in my TBR. I hope you get what you want read this year. Goodreads goal be damned! (btw, you can change your goal there. i did a few months ago)

  3. I know Goodreads really pissed you but I laughed at your post. Anyway, here’s what I do whenever Goodreads find it wrong when it comes to MATH.. obviously Goodreads is way better on words not on numbers. LOL!!! 🙂 but ahm, I try checking my read books, and their reviews and see if they have dates of when you read it. SOmetimes there’s none so they’re not listed on 2017 read-shelf. or sometimes, I just have to click the challenge itself. Sometimes the display on the HOmepage is’t just refreshed. 🙂 Hope it helps…:)

  4. Haha, I have felt pressure from the tracker, but I try not to because that’s ridiculous. Reading is supposed to be fun. A stupid little website graphic can’t boss me around. If I’m behind, then the graphic will just have to deal with it.

  5. Bwahahahahaha Yep, the Goodreads tracker can really put the pressure on. There have been many times when I’ve looked at mine and felt physically pressured! 🙂 I think the number you’re behind though is the rate at which you’d need to be reading to accomplish your goal on time…not the total number you’re behind. Good luck on finishing those last few books. It seems like you’re so busy with work…but you can do it! 😀

  6. You crack me up! Nope. I don’t feel the pressure during the year because I try not to look at it. LOL I’m way over what I set my challenge at this year. Goodreads should at least give me a cat sticker that says Mewow!

  7. YES!!!! I finally gave up on my Goodreads Goal – it wasn’t healthy for me anymore and I dreaded scrolling down for the “you’re behind schedule” note. Next year I’m setting my goal super low so I can feel like a winner 🙂

  8. I’m not pressured at all. However, I already met my GR goal early this year. But I have learned to let things go. There is just too much stuff going on to get stressed out over things. Mind you, I used to overly stress out over teeny tiny things, I’ve just learned to let it go 🙂

    Good luck on your GR challenge!

  9. Goodreads’ math is only accurate if you read only as frequently as it tells you to (1 book per week for a goal of 52). Goodreads has yet to perfect it’s accuracy to resemble something like an individual’s actual reading schedule. (Maybe I read more in March than I do in any other month of the year.) Sorry about your frustration, but your post is hilarious.

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