Sunday Post ~ Pass the Xanax

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Monday morning the first bell rang and my partner wasn’t anywhere around. Her car wasn’t in the parking lot. She never turned her alarms on after our day off for Veterans Day the Friday before! I had her entire first period class sitting in all available desks in my class and then I had about 15 students on the floor. I literally could not walk around my room and I’m sure the fire marshall would have had an aneurysm. Thank God we are true partners and plan and do the exact same thing. I utilized a strategy I learned at the conference in October and EVERY single kid was engaged and there were ZERO behavior issues. Since it seems sixth grade (with the exception of one) is the collective group of the stepchild, we don’t ever receive the praise or recognition, unlike the same ring of favorites. So I took photos and video and I sent it out to my entire staff and gave myself a big ass pat on the back. Almost immediately my principal replied back asking for us to model this. I kept using this technique throughout the week and I feel like an idiot for not realizing its power sooner. It has made my life SO much easier in the classroom!


Tuesday night was my late night with my partner, and as we were coming back to my room my phone fell off the rolly cart stacked miles high with copies. It didn’t crack the screen or anything, but when I got home the screen functionality was not working. Granted, I have been having issues with the screen I’ve mentioned several times to The Man lately because we both have made comments about getting new phones. There was a little purple speck in the top left corner and it just kept spreading. At one point I was able to send some messages to The Man (with many fights and tears and commas and not producing the letters I typed) and then absolutely nothing. It was totally unresponsive. My partner took me Wednesday night to the Verizon store. Pressure crack. No problem, file a claim online and get the replacement overnighted.

Except when I got home at 10 whatever that night, I got an email after finishing the claim that I had to complete an affidavit and all this other paperwork bullshit before my claim really finalized. Owing only $140 on the phone and having to pay $150 deductible and be days without a phone until that process was complete, what was the point? I took an emergency half day Thursday to bitch at Verizon and get something figured out. I couldn’t even call my boss to tell him I needed to take a day!! If anything happened, I couldn’t do anything. I had no way to communicate with anyone! My parents couldn’t reach me if they needed to. I couldn’t call anyone or 911 in the event of an emergency. It was impactful and elevated my stress and anxiety levels to unprecedented levels. I walked out with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and $350 poorer, but I had a phone in my hand, able to send messages to all the people that matter to me. Sadly, my notes I’ve been accumulating in the little note app did not transfer over. 😦 When I finally got to school at lunchtime, a co-worker (whom I don’t associate with much) said something to the effect of “I can just feel you need a Xanax.” And she was absolutely right. I sure as hell did! Which prompted a conversation about medication, and those in our lunch who are medicated, and I think I’m going to go back to my PCP and get something. I am operating on a slow simmer almost daily now.


Despite being out in the AM on Thursday, my kids all afternoon were super engaged with this game we found to help them build story ideas. They all walked away with 5 different storylines to choose from or modify however they wanted and started brainstorming for their big project. I feel the district will be breathing down my neck on this one because I had both instructional specialists in my classroom that afternoon inspecting to see how well things were going. I know the PBL Coordinator on our campus is going to tout this as a highly effective project to other campuses and wants all the good she can get out of it. I took plenty of video and uploaded to my Google Drive to share for later and give myself some more pats on the back. I also sneakily sent all my project documents to my principal to see some good shit happening in sixth grade. Why? Tuesday morning I had to waste 45 minutes of my life watching videos and hearing about how 8th grade teachers were so amazing and their kids were talking purposefully in their classes. I looked at my partner across the table and said, “So? We’ve been doing that for years.” Apparently, I need to take videos of it and show it off as proof that we are doing what we say we are doing and to be trusted in doing my job that the State Board of Education said I am highly qualified to do. That day I briefed my sixth graders, too, to prepare for admin coming in to video them. They’ve been practicing all week to “Stand and deliver.”

I so wanted to participate in the #HoHoHoRAT Twitter party on Wednesday night, but the whole phone situation precluded that. I didn’t get home until after it was over, so I couldn’t even participate from my computer. I did finish two books this week! I only have 10 more books to go to meet my Goodreads Challenge, and I am currently sitting at 26 books read for my NetGalley Challenge. I just might make it over 30 before the year is out! Hopefully closer to 35, which is a good dent for the year. I did minimal visiting and commenting this week due to the stress and late nights working. Next week, though, I am going to be a commenting wizard!


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14 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Pass the Xanax

  1. I didn’t even know phone screens could do that! It actually looks kind of cool, until you realize it’s an actual phone that needs to be used 🙂 You definitely had a stressful week 🙂 Hope you get some time off next week to relax and unwind. Happy reading!

    • I didn’t either. They said that usually happens when it has come into contact with water – which was the first thing they asked me. My kids kept saying “It’s just ink” until I really showed them you couldn’t do anything and you couldn’t wipe it off. I have SO been enjoying this week!

  2. Oh Charlie you have quite a week! Sorry to hear about your phone but yay for handling that situation with the kids in your class(es). I hope you 6th grade teachers get some good recognition, you totally deserve it.
    That sign is hilarious! Have a good week!

    • I was happy it went so well! Everyone LOVES sending shout outs about the same people over and over and over again. The same teachers keep being nominated for Teacher of the Month every single month in the five years I’ve been at my campus. I am so singing our praises this year!

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