Sunday Post ~ Kicking Cancer’s Butt

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This week was a breeze. Monday my students were in the library. Tuesday I was off and had to settle up with my ticket and an appointment, and I had so much time in between I was able to get my eye exam (six months late). I ordered new glasses that I LOVED on my face. I always have issues finding frames that fit my apparently super wide face. It is an ugly battle and I get upset every year trying on dozens and dozens of cute frames that won’t fit. All in, exam and glasses, was less than $175. The best I’ve ever made out with new glasses.

I ended up spending the day waiting around for an appointment I didn’t need – and the doctor ended up canceling. It was a follow-up set up before test results came in, so I was peeved I waited around and didn’t need it. BUT I had something to celebrate by it being canceled – I have had my tests come back for two consecutive years with good results. That means no more annual biopsies. No more three trips a year to be monitored. That’s been my life for the past five years, and now I only have to do my one annual appointment. I kicked cancer to the curb! Hi-cha!

Wednesday morning I was out of my classroom but on campus planning a big project for my students. I did this last year, too, around this time with my partner. I was overwhelmed when my SPED co-teacher, both instructional specialists for my campus and my principal were all there asking a million questions. The whole point was that we were planning it! They needed to come back in an hour or so after we got rolling and had ideas and materials pulled so we had something to show them and get input. Thursday was an easy day with our lesson and we had no school on Friday.

It felt like eons for me to finish Christmas at Two Love Lane. It is one of my NetGalley books. Every time I would pick this up to read I would get interrupted or fall asleep. I thought I was going to love this book based on the premise. A matchmaking service made up of three young, single ladies and their older widowed friend. Set in Charleston, the MC living on Battery Street. Christmas season in full swing. I wanted to fall in love with this book, but I found some of the scenarios and at times the MC annoying and unrealistic. I predict there will be books about each of the other matchmakers as well.

I worked on a few blog posts throughout the week, so I feel I am going to stay above water for the rest of the month. Then I can start working on posts further out and keep up with an actual schedule. I participated in my first ever Instagram challenge. See my photos for #HoHoHoRAT below.

I started reading a new book. I think this was an Amazon freebie, Chocolate Kisses and Love Filled Wishes.

Summer and Brad are slated to get married but things go awry in Kissing Bridge! Brad’s younger sister, snowboarding champion, Kacey Anderson is forced to come home to heal from a bad accident. After being told she can no longer compete she begins to train at her home while still missing her beloved Olympic gold medalist Brody Jenkins. Against doctor’s orders, she begins to regain her strength in the hopes of competing in the 2016 Olympics. When a young Climate Change activist enlists her help to bring awareness to the cause, Kacey begins to think that her future may be much different then she imagined. Summer is forced back to LA to finish off a contract when the worst blizzard in decades hits her hometown. Unable to return, she can only suffer as she hears a fate worse than she can ever imagine unfolding back home in Kissing Bridge Mountain. 

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Kicking Cancer’s Butt

    • Since The Man opened the guest bedroom two years ago, Baby NEVER comes to sleep with me anymore. It has caused some heartache and tears on my part. There have been nights when he would close Baby off in the bedroom with me so she had to stay with me. We were both shocked she stayed with me on Thursday night. I got those PJs at Walmart and they are SO comfortable! Not going to lie – I’m considering going back to buy a second pair.

  1. Yay for Kicking Cancer to the Curb! I go for my 4th year follow-up mammogram in December. So far so good and I expect it to stay that way. Nice to have the dog snuggle up.
    Happy Reading!

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