Sunday Post ~ I Survived The Great Radial Styloid Tenosynovitis de Quervain Carving of 2017

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Quite a mouthful for a Sunday Post, isn’t it? On Monday afternoon, my right arm started hurting in the forearm. All along the arm. It felt like a pain in the bone with searing pain. And there were huge welts under the skin. You couldn’t see them, but you could sure feel them when you ran your finger along my arm. On Tuesday, my left arm was also feeling the same but to a lesser degree. I kept dropping things because of the pain, pens, papers, my regular 70 sheet notebook. Y’all – I couldn’t carry my purse, change the gears in my car, unhook or put on my bra without insane pain. Don’t even mention bathroom business. I went to my school nurse, who was dumbfounded. I used my kids more than usual: my first period students had to help me out of my jacket, my yearbook students had to carry my laptop and all the other little parts that go with it, students had to turn on the projector and get their own papers. I did as little as I possibly could with my arms. Halloween night I went to Urgent Care. They freaked me out when they said, “You might need to just go to the ER.”

I was diagnosed with Radial Styloid Tenosynovitis de Quervain. It affects the tendon attaching the thumb to the elbow, so any movement of the wrist, grasping anything, and even making a fist cause pain. The entire tendon along my arm was inflamed. At the time the doctor didn’t seem too sure, and I thought she was just plain crazy. How could I have this when I didn’t do anything extraneous? … Oh, except carving a pumpkin. Apparently, that’s what did it. I got sent off with Naproxen. I ditched my purse and put what I needed in my new backpack. By Friday my arms were pretty close back to normal and I could even carry two gallons of milk.

I have some students that need to get on the grade train. I guess they thought our week-long review assignments were optional because I have some who haven’t turned in a single assignment. Just wait until Monday night when grades go in. I’ll have 89479874293048 parent emails about “How is it the first day of the six weeks and my kid has a 16?” …. Well, I could have put all those grades on last six weeks, or give your kid the opportunity to have time to fix their mistakes of turning in nothing. Your kid is getting the benefit of the doubt here. Not that they see it that way.

Besides the medical, this week was stressful for reasons I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because my partner and I didn’t get our planning night this week because she was sick, so we felt unprepared. To take a load off, though, next week will be a short an glorious week. Monday is library day, so heaven sent right there. I am out on Tuesday to deal with that ticket from the rude state trooper and I have a doctor appointment, and I should also get in to get my eyes checked, too. Wednesday I have a half-day to plan my students’ big project for the next few weeks, and there is no school on Friday for Veteran’s Day. I am going to soak up as much sleep and relaxation as I can.

I feel like I am on a roll with reading lately! October really did turn it around for me. I finished three books within a week and a half! I finished Snowed early this week, so now I have a total of four reviews to write. I had wanted to get those all done this week, but that didn’t happen. I started working on some of them Saturday night.

I barely got around to visiting this week. I finally did some on Thursday night. I didn’t do a lot of commenting because I was falling asleep. I feel like the only time I have to do anything on my blog is on the weekends, which is when I try to catch up on sleep. Viscous cycle.

I started reading my next holiday read, Christmas at Two Love Lane. I picked it because the cover isn’t your typical holiday cover. It’s set in Charleston and so far I am loving it!

  • Monday
    • Review ~ Tumble Creek
  • Tuesday
    • Top Ten Tuesday ~ Characters to Make Great Leaders
    • Teaser Tuesday & Intro ~ TBD
  • Wednesday
    • WWW Wednesday
    • My Favorite ~ Gift Ever
  • Thursday
    • ??
  •  Friday
    • Book Blogger Hop ~ 11.10.17






A special note from our teacher training a few weeks ago…

10 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ I Survived The Great Radial Styloid Tenosynovitis de Quervain Carving of 2017

  1. The Radial Styloid Tenosynovitis de Quervain sounds just ghastly. I’m glad it’s feeling better. My daughter had something like it for about a year and a half as a result of the way her violin teacher had her holding her bow, and it took a long time to clear up. I hope yours gets back to normal quickly. Luckily, pumpkin carving isn’t something you do every single day, so you have a better chance of it healing up soon! Sounds like you can really use that lighter week at school, though.

    Have a wonderful week and enjoy your holiday reading for the HoHoHo Readathon!

  2. I have carpal tunnel in both arms and I feel your pain. Glad you’re almost back to normal. And yeah for your reading mojo! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Nice of the pooch to lick the plate clean, right. LOL

    My Sunday Post

  3. When my school switched from desktops to laptops several years ago, I had a year of pain. Then I guess I just adjusted, because I only get pain when I am typing a ton, and it goes away quickly. Weird. At least you got a terrific jack o’lantern for your troubles!

    Your dog’s face is adorable and hilarious. That happy naughty dog look. I also love the camera poncho. I believe this is my first time visiting, but it’s always grand to meet another teacher reader blogger who can’t always find the time to get it all done! Last week I read a lot. This week I’m working on commenting and on lesson planning. Maybe next week I’ll write.

  4. Sounds like a crazy week! Glad the arm issues (I’m not even going to try and type the actual name!) was able to be resolved reasonably quickly. That’s crazy that all it took was carving a pumpkin! You must have been seriously enthusiastic with your carving!

    There’s always parents who want to look elsewhere for problems at school and it always makes me want to shake them. They’re not doing anyone – especially the child – any favors. Have a great week!

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